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Chapter 265

Utsuri Kawaru Nanako no Doragon Booru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #14
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 18


Eldest says that because of those villains, almost all of the children have been killed. And he is aware that they're after the Dragon Balls. You need proof of wisdom and strength on Planet Nameck, and he can't believe the balls of hope would be used for such bad things. Kuririn says to be frank, he wants to know if he can't have the ball above his head. (The Onestarball is sitting at the top of Eldest's throne/chair.) Kuririn promises he won't let the bad guys have it. Dende thinks Kuririn should be allowed to have it as well, so their Earth Dragon Balls can be revived. Eldest can't believe there's also Dragon Balls on Earth, and asks if there's a Nameckian there. Kuririn explains that he had escaped to Earth when this planet was in danger. Eldest realizes it was Katattsu's kid, and is surprised that young child was able to survive on his own. "Certainly that kid was a child prodigy of the dragon clan who can produce Dragon Balls..."

Eldest says that genius must've died, or at least he was killed? Kuririn says he was killed, by Vegeta, the Saiyan who came here. Eldest then asks if the Saiyan who did in the dragon clan genius was a Super Saiyan. Kuririn doesn't know what he's talking about, and Eldest then asks him to come a bit closer so he can search his past a little. He then puts his hand atop Kuririn's head, and begins searching his thoughts. And he realizes that genius had split himself in half, and thus halved his power. Then he says their wish is a genuine one, and takes down the Onestarball and hands it to Kuririn. He says they might not be able to make the wish, though, and Kuririn asks why. Eldest explains that he only has a few days left to live, and when he dies, the Dragon Balls disappear. At least the bad guys can't use them either, though. Kuririn then swears he'll protect this ball with his life, and keep them from being granted eternal life. Eldest tells him to please do so, since he can't even move anymore, and he doubts even Nail would be able to protect him if Freeza came here.

Then Eldest tells Kuririn he has a lot of power for an Earthling. And he still has some more sleeping power, and wants to bring it out. Then he puts his hand on Kuririn's head, and Kuririn thinks about the idea of getting a power up without even training. And then Kuririn gets really excited with all of this power flowing through him now, and feels like he was reborn. He thanks Eldest, and then asks if it wouldn't be too much trouble bring out the sleeping power in a little kid, or would it shorten his lifespan? Eldest says it would be no trouble at all, since it's not connected to his lifespan. Then Kuririn asks if he could bring one more friend, and Eldest says yeah, as you can never have too many strong good guys. Kuririn says he's leaving immediately, but then asks what to do with this Dragon Ball. Eldest says to hold onto it, since the future lies in their hands. Kuririn tells Dende to wait here, and says he'll be back with Gohan soon. Then Kuririn zooms off back towards the cave.

Speaking of the cave, Gohan and Blooma are outside of it, and Blooma looks at the Dragon Radar and calls Gohan-kun over. She says the Dragon Ball over there has started moving, and it's coming towards them. So Kuririn-kun must have it and be on his way back. Then they spot another Dragon Ball, separate from Kuririn's one and Freeza's five. Gohan looks over towards that direction, and realize it's the one from the village Vegeta attacked. But, he doesn't feel Vegeta's ki there anymore. Blooma thinks that he must've attacked the village and been unable to find the Dragon Ball, and so he left. Gohan asks her for the Radar so he can go find it, and then flies off towards the village with it. Back at Freeza's ship, Vegeta is recovering in one of those healing pods, not naked this time. Zarbon and Apul are watching over him, and then Zarbon leaves to go tell Freeza-sama. Apul then walks up to the tank and starts mocking Vegeta, when Vegeta suddenly opens his eyes, and blasts through the glass of the tank, killing Apul as well. Zarbon and Freeza hear the noise, and run back towards the room. They spot a hole through the wall of the ship, and think he's escaped. It was just a decoy, though, and then Vegeta runs through the ship, and finds himself in the room with the Dragon Balls.








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