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Chapter 268

Bejiita Kaishingeki!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #17
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 18


The punch breaks open Zarbon's armor, and sends him flying forward. Vegeta then flies after him, and then knocks Zarbon down into the water. Then Vegeta repeatedly fires a whole mess of blasts down into the water at him, and Kuririn says this is a good time for them to run away. Blooma reminds him that Vegeta said he'd kill them, but Kuririn grabs her by the arm and starts to fly off, saying they'd be killed if they didn't run anyway. Vegeta notices it, and then turns and directs a few blasts their way, stopping their escape. Zarbon then flies up outta the water, and so Vegeta turns and flies back to land, and Zarbon does as well. Zarbon is pretty trashed, and seriously pissed at Vegeta, while Vegeta thinks his preemptive attack was effective. "Zarbon-san, it seems your death is already near."

Zarbon refuses to believe that, as he has a higher Battle Power than Vegeta. So Vegeta decides to explain about the Saiyans to him. "You shouldn't have carelessly given me medical treatment when I was on the verge of death... Isn't that so? When a Saiyan recovers from death, his Battle Power is able to rapidly increase..." Zarbon freaks out, and Kuririn overhears and realizes Gokuu is like that too, come to think of it. Zarbon then says even if his Battle Power has increased, he can't win against him while he's transformed, then he rushes at Vegeta. "The Saiyans are a fighting race!!!! Don't screw with me!!!!" Vegeta manages to hold off all of Zarbon's punches, and then he punches straight through Zarbon's armor, putting his fist in his stomach. Zarbon tells him he was only doing as Freeza ordered, and asks him to please overlook this.

Vegeta doesn't care, and then Zarbon says they should team up and take out Freeza. With the hand inside of Zarbon, Vegeta fires off a blast, going straight through out Zarbon's back. Then he throws Zarbon off into the water, and says he couldn't beat Freeza even if they did team up. Then Vegeta turns his attention back towards Kuririn, and notes that Kuririn has gotten stronger since the battle on Earth, though he's still not to his level. Kuririn says he'll hand it over if Vegeta promises to leave them alone, and Vegeta agrees, since once he has the Dragon Balls, there's no point in playing with small fry. Now Vegeta has the Onestarball, and is very happy to have all seven, and says he'll be able to replace Freeza as the strongest in the universe. Then he flies off, and Blooma is relieved, while Kuririn hopes for Gohan.








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