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Chapter 269

Gohan to Bejiita no Doragon Booru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #18
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 18


Blooma can't believe how Kuririn-kun just handed over the Dragon Ball after all that trouble, and says it's all over if Vegeta gets the last one. Kuririn says it was either that or be killed, and they should be okay with the Dragon Ball Gohan went to find, which would keep it away from the bad guys. Blooma then realizes Gohan's probably on his way back with the Dragon Ball right now, and Kuririn hopes Vegeta doesn't find him. Speaking of whom, Gohan is flying through the air with the Fourstarball, and then he feels Vegeta heading his way. So, Gohan swoops down to an island, and ducks down behind a small rock with the Dragon Ball. Vegeta notices him before Gohan hides his ki, however, and starts yelling at whoever it is to show themself before he blows the whole area up. Gohan yells to wait, and then sets the Dragon Ball down, and climbs to the top of the rock.

Vegeta hadn't expected to see Cacarrot's son in a place like this. Gohan notices Vegeta has a Dragon Ball and freaks out, and Vegeta says it was a present from his friend with the slippery head. Gohan thinks he's killed Kuririn-san, and Vegeta says he can go back and kill him if he likes. Vegeta says to be thankful, as he's celebrating having all the Dragon Balls. Vegeta then lands down on the rock in front of Gohan and asks what he has in his hand. Gohan nervously says it's a clock, and Vegeta thinks it's awfully big for a clock. Then he asks if Cacarrot's also here, and Gohan says no, because he didn't know there were bad people here. Vegeta says that's too bad. "The three of us are the last three Saiyans. When you get back to Earth, I need you to tell Cacarrot something for me." Vegeta then knees Gohan in the stomach, and then flies off laughing. Gohan struggles back to his feet, and says that hurt, but at least the Dragon Ball is okay.

Back at the cave, Blooma says she's turned the house back into a capsule, and asks if Gohan-kun's still not here yet. Since Vegeta knows where they are, they plan on changing locations immediately. And then Gohan flies in, and they're all excited that he has the Dragon Ball. Kuririn says he'll explain the details later, but Gohan says he already knows, Vegeta found him. But he hid the ball and things were okay, and Kuririn says he was also lucky. Meanwhile, Vegeta is swimming around in the lake near the village he attacked, laughing about how the whole universe will be his. But then he doesn't see the Dragon Ball, and finally realizes it's gone. And he remembers the spot he ran into the brat was straight in the direction between here and the place where the other Earthling was. He wonders how he could've found the ball, and then realizes that thing wasn't a clock.

Vegeta flies up outta the water, very pissed at them. Eventually he makes it back to the cave, but they're gone from there now. Then he flies up through the roof of the cave, and checks the surrounding area, but he can't feel their ki anywhere. He decides he'll take care of them when they come after his six. The good guys are now on an island, in a little space between two random mountain things. Blooma's pissed that there's no room to put the house in here. Kuririn says it was the only way, and she asks him what she's supposed to do without a bathroom until Son-kun arrives. Kuririn says not to worry about that, since he's going to bring Gohan to Eldest-sama's place now. Gohan asks why, and Blooma can't believe they're leaving her alone in a place like this. Kuririn says to be patient, because he thinks if Gohan meets Eldest-sama, he might become strong enough to contend with Vegeta.








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