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Chapter 271

接近!! ギニュー特戦隊
Sekkin!! Ginyuu Tokusentai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #20
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 19


Vegeta feels two ki, Cacarrot's son and the little bald dude, but they're not headed this way. So he decides to go off after them, but takes the Onestarball with him, in case that woman who was with them uses that device to find his Dragon Balls. Then he zooms off. Meanwhile, Kuririn tells Gohan it's just a little further, and thinks of how Gohan will probably rival Vegeta when his sleeping power is brought out. Then as the tall mountain with Eldest's house on top comes into view, Kuririn suddenly feels a ki behind them. Kuririn tells Gohan to go to see Eldest while he holds him off, and Gohan reluctantly obliges. Vegeta then catches up to Kuririn, and tells him to give back the Dragon Ball with four stars he stole. Kuririn doesn't say anything, and Vegeta says he's playing the fool, so he'll make him talk. Then he notices that Cacarrot's son went over to that mountain, and thinks that must be where they're hiding the Dragon Balls. Kuririn yells that it's not, but Vegeta just flies around him towards it.

Eldest has his hand on Gohan's head, and comments that Gohan has tremendous latent abilities. Gohan says to please hurry, and Nail notes that someone has come here. Vegeta walks around outside the house, and then Nail steps outside and tells him to leave. Gohan then gets his power up, and Kuririn and Vegeta both feel it. Vegeta thinks Cacarrot has come here, and yells at him to come out. But when Gohan steps outside, Vegeta freaks out, and wonders what went on in there for him to have suddenly increased in power so much. Eldest then tells Dende to go tell everyone that large powers are approaching Planet Nameck. Dende then goes outside and tells them all that Eldest said someone is nearing the planet. Kuririn notices it, and wonders if it's Gokuu, but Gohan says there's more than one. Vegeta then freaks out and says it's the Ginyuu Special-Squad. Five of them, so there's no mistake.

Vegeta then grabs Gohan and demands that he hand over the Dragon Balls, but Gohan says he can't do a thing like that. Vegeta promises he won't lay a hand on them once he's immortal, but Kuririn thinks it's a trick. Vegeta then says to listen to him. These five on their way are all each much stronger than him, and they're bringing new Scouters, so that they can be found and killed. Vegeta says the only way to go is for him to get immortality and defeat them. Nail says he's telling the truth, there's five great evil powers. Kuririn asks why Gohan can't have immortality, and Vegeta says he doesn't have the skill and experience. Kuririn asks what about their wish, and Nail tells them the Dragon Balls grant three wishes. Vegeta yells at them that there's no time to waste, and so they all fly off. Then Eldest tells Nail he should go as well, and says not to worry about him. And five space pods approach Planet Nameck.








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