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Chapter 272

間にあえ!! ななつのドラゴンボール
Ma ni Ae!! Nanatsu no Doragon Booru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #21·22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 19


The five ships land right in front of Freeza's space ship, and he's glad they've arrived. Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan then arrive at the little spot where Blooma is hiding, and then swoop in, take, the Fourstarball, and fly off again. Blooma wonders what just happened, and why they were with Vegeta. Meanwhile, Freeza is now on the roof of his ship, inside of his little pod thing again. The five Ginyuu Special-Squad members have emerged from their ships, and then fly up to the top of Freeza's ship. Then they each strike a pose and introduce themselves: Reacum (big tall doofy-looking human dude); Butta (big tall alien dude); Jeese (medium-sized long-haired pretty boy); Gurd (short fat ugly four-eyed alien dude); Ginyuu (medium-sized alien dude with horns on his head). "Together we are...the Ginyuu Special-Squad!!!!" Freeza is unamused by their posing, and then Ginyuu asks Freeza to please tell him their mission.

Freeza explains that Vegeta took the Dragon Balls he'd gathered, and so he wants them to go find Vegeta, knock him around a bit, and bring him back here to tell where he's hiding them. Ginyuu says that's no problem, and their Scouters have already located him. He seems to be moving at high speed not far from here, and he has two people with him with fairly high Battle Powers. Freeza says it must be those two little dudes from before, and says to kill them. Jeese then gives Freeza a case of Scouters as he requested, and Ginyuu says they'll go now, and then they all fly off. Vegeta then notices they've started moving, and gets pissed. And then out in space, Gokuu's ship will land on Nameck in twenty minutes, and so he wakes up and gets dressed into a new dougi he made. (This one has his own go kanji from Gokuu.) Now that's he's dressed, there's only ten minutes, and he tells everyone to stay alive until then. Vegeta, Gohan, and Kuririn then arrive at the spot where Vegeta's Dragon Balls are, but the Ginyuu Special-Squad lands right in front of them. "Yo, Vegeta-chan." Ginyuu asks if those things they're holding are Dragon Balls, and Reacum says there's five more behind them.








  1. Incomplete
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