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Chapter 275

Bejiita no Sokkou!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 19


"Now, Vegeta-chan. It's our turn this time." Reacum says something about his two helper friends joining in, and then does some stupid posing. "GINYUU SPECIAL-SQUAD REACUM!!!" Vegeta then starts powering up, and Jeese says his Battle Power has gone just over 20,000. Vegeta then flies over towards Reacum and punches him in the face, then flies behind Reacum and pounds him into the ground. Vegeta then stomps down on Reacum's chest, then flies off and grabs his foot, and tosses Reacum into a random mountain thing. Then Vegeta charges his hands up and fires a huge blast over towards the random mountain thing, causing a huge explosion, and making Gohan and Kuririn run for cover. Then Vegeta stops, and Kuririn comments on how awesome Vegeta is, until they all feel his ki still. The smoke clears, and Reacum is standing there (in a really doofy effeminate pose). Reacum says it was exercise up until now, and wants to begin soon. Reacum then announces Reacum Kick, then flies towards Vegeta and knees him hard in the face.








  1. Incomplete
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