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Chapter 276

Zetsubou no Bejiita

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #26
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 23
Kanzenban: 19


Vegeta is sent flying backwards, but he catches himself and bounces off the ground, then flies towards Reacum with a punch, but Reacum blocks it. Then Vegeta punches at him a whole bunch more, but Reacum blocks it all. "Good!! Very good!! You're doing better than I thought, Vegeta-chan!!" Then Reacum elbows Vegeta on the head, and knocks him down to the ground. Reacum comes down to hit him again, but Vegeta jumps up backwards. Reacum flies after him, and so Vegeta curves his direction and throws a blast down towards Reacum. Reacum yells "Speed up!!!!" to dodge it, then ends up in the air right behind Vegeta, and kicks Vegeta down into the water. Vegeta swims around underwater for a while, then darts up outta the water, and headbutts Reacum in the stomach. It knocks the wind outta Reacum for a bit, but then Reacum grabs Vegeta by the waist, pulls him over his head (like a Power Bomb), and dives straight down, driving Vegeta head-first through the ground.

Reacum then pulls Vegeta up and holds him by his leg, and asks if he's really exhausted already. Then Vegeta holds out his hands and blasts Reacum right in the face, knocking him backwards. Vegeta then slowly stands back up, as Reacum then hops back up as well. Reacum looks busted up, but isn't worn down at all. Vegeta, however, looks really bad, and is short of breath. Vegeta is pissed about the situation, and thinks he's being treated just like a baby, and he'll die soon. Kuririn says that if Vegeta gets killed, they're next. He doubts they could win even with Gokuu, and tells Gohan they should rush in to help. Meanwhile, there are two minutes until Gokuu arrives on Planet Nameck...








  1. Incomplete
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