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Chapter 285

危うし 最長老たち
Ayaushi Saichouroutachi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #35
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 24
Kanzenban: 20


120,000. 130,000. 140,000. Still rising. 160,000. And then Gokuu stops at 180,000, and Ginyuu can't believe this. Jeese thinks there's no way they can win, since Captain Ginyuu's greatest figure is only 120,000. Then Ginyuu wonders if he isn't a Super Saiyan. Gokuu remembers Vegeta also said something about that, but he don't know anything it. Jeese freaks out at the idea of a Super Saiyan, the legendary strongest warrior, the one thing Freeza-sama is afraid of.

GOKUU: Sorry, but, there ain't no way you can beat me. I don't wanna fight a pointless battle, so you guys should leave this planet.
GINYUU: W-What!? Are you saying that seriously!?
GOKUU: Seriously. Especially since you're a more fair fighter than I thought. I don't wanna kill you.
GINYUU: 'Don't want to kill me'? 'Don't want to fight a pointless battle'...!? A Super Saiyan, the strongest warrior in all the universe, is supposed to enjoy blood and battle... So that's it!!! You are not a Super Saiyan.

But Ginyuu still knows Gokuu is far stronger than him, and laughs about that extraordinary technique. Elsewhere, Freeza approaches Eldest's house, and notices there's just three Nameckians there. Nail knows he's almost here, and then Eldest finishes powering up Dende. He tells Dende to hurry and go help the Earthlings, and then Dende reluctantly leaves and tells Eldest not to die. Dende flies right past Freeza on the way out, but Freeza doesn't worry about him. Then Freeza stops and hops out of his little pod thing, and Nail comes outside and asks if he wants something. Freeza explains how he's gathered all seven of their Dragon Balls, but he cannot make a wish, so he wants them to explain how. Nail says he won't tell an evil person, and Freeza thinks he should be more obedient. Then he asks if there isn't two people here, and says something about killing him.

Nail says that's fine, but before they fight, he must explain something: "The other person within the house is Planet Nameck's Eldest-sama. The Dragon Balls are that Eldest-sama's creation. Get it into your head! If you were to kill Eldest-sama, the Dragon Balls would also vanish!" Freeza thinks about this Eldest, and then shoots some eye lasers up at a window, then flies up and looks inside. He overlooks Eldest, and asks if he won't tell him instead, so he won't have to kill this one. Eldest says Nail is the only Fighting-Type on this planet, and he isn't like the ones that have previously been killed. Freeza takes that as a "no". Eldest telepathically asks Nail to please just buy some time, and Nail understands. Freeza decides that if he's going to be stubborn, then he'll have to show him the terror of the greatest in all the universe!








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