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Chapter 286

Namekkusei no Senshi Neiru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #36
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 24
Kanzenban: 20


Freeza thinks it might be good to fight here, since watching it may convince Eldest to tell him. But Nail says that Eldest's life is near its end, so they should change locations. Then they fly off, and Eldest apologizes to Nail and says they just need time for Dende to reach the Earthlings. Then Freeza thinks they've gone far enough, and they land on some...land. Nail takes his shirt off for whatever reason, and the ground starts to shake as he begins powering up. Freeza is quite amazed to see his Battle Power made it all the way to 42,000. Freeza notes he is definitely much different than the other Nameckians, and wouldn't mind having him for a henchman. Then Freeza decides to tell him his Battle Power: 530,000. "But of course, it isn't my full power, though I'm not concerned with that for fighting you."

Nail seems surprised, and Freeza decides it'll be more fun to fight with only his left hand. Nail gets pissed and then charges at Freeza, and chops at his neck. But with no effect, and Freeza just grabs his arm and rips it off from the forearm down. Nail screams in pain as blood spurts out, and then Freeza elbows him in the stomach and Nail doubles over. But Nail slowly gets back up, as Freeza talks down to him, and then he regenerates his arm and continues catching his breath. Freeza is surprised, but says it makes no difference, and that his Battle Power is dropping.

Meanwhile, Gokuu asks Ginyuu what he's laughing at, and Ginyuu explains that Gokuu has a much greater Battle Power than he does. Gokuu asks why he'd laugh at that, and then Jeese thinks he knows what Ginyuu's planning. Ginyuu laughs more and throws his Scouter down to Jeese, and Jeese is certain he's planning "that" now. Ginyuu then punches himself through the chest, through his armor even, leaving a big bloody hole. "Y-You're not a Super Saiyan, but, I-I've taken a liking to that strong body of yours... CHANGE!!!" Suddenly, there's a big flash of light going between Gokuu and Ginyuu, and then 'Gokuu' evilly laughs and says, "I've made us switch my body with yours...!" as 'Ginyuu' stands there clutching the wound in his chest.








  1. Incomplete
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