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Chapter 306

Son Gokuu...Fukkatsu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


Freeza tells Vegeta he can't win with just speed, and thinks this Super Saiyan business is just a stupid legend. Vegeta starts to get pissed, and then screams that he is a Super Saiyan. Vegeta fires a huge blast down at Freeza, and Piccolo asks (yells at) Vegeta if he means to destroy the planet. Freeza freaks out at first, but then kicks the blast away, straight up into the air. Piccolo can't believe this, and Kuririn thinks Vegeta had put his full power into that attack. "For the first time since he was born, Vegeta is trembling from the bottom of his heart... True terror and definite frustration... Fear and despair have caused tears to flow. This is also a first... Vegeta is already losing his will to battle..." Freeza flies up and headbutts Vegeta, then kicks him down into the ground. Freeza touches down, and then picks Vegeta up with his tail around Vegeta's neck, and then punches Vegeta in the back. Freeza looks over at the others and tells them they're free to come help him whenever they like. "The three of them, Piccolo and everyone, have become unable to move, as though they were paralyzed, against the terror of Freeza, who holds a Battle Power dimensions different."

Meanwhile, Gokuu notices Vegeta's ki is rapidly decreasing, even though he should be incredibly strong, and can't believe how strong this Freeza is. And then, "I'm fixed!!!!!" Gokuu jumps up straight through the ceiling, onto the roof of Freeza's ship, and he stops to take notice of himself. "...! I've gotten strong!! It's like my power is rapidly overflowing...!! I can't believe it...! Even though I think I've almost reached my limits...I'm kinda scared of myself... Even so, it feels good... Sorry, I'll go now!!!!"








  1. Incomplete
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