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Chapter 307

Choukessen no Hibuta Kiru!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #5
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


"Alright, they're very close!!!" says Gokuu. Freeza continues choking Vegeta with his tail, and finally tosses him into a nearby random mountain thing. Vegeta lays on the ground, all covered in rubble. Freeza says this is boring, like Vegeta wasn't even trying to fight. "It's a bit soon, but shall I deliver the finish?!" Gokuu then zooms off, and arrives just before Freeza strikes. Gokuu walks past Piccolo, noting that he really was the one who with the mysterious, huge ki. Then he walks past Kuririn and Gohan, apologizing for being late, but his damage is healed. Kuririn and Gohan wonder if that's really him. "So you're Freeza. You're more of a runt than I thought..." Freeza says there's still more scum around. "Vegeta had promised to fight with me. Don't interfere." Freeza looks at Gokuu and thinks he's seen him somewhere before.

Vegeta mumbles "Cacarrot", and Freeza knows that's a Saiyan name. And then he remembers: He looks just like the Saiyan who opposed him to the very end when he destroyed Planet Vegeta. That was Gokuu's father, Bardock. Vegeta thinks, "Cacarrot is nothing like before... He's climbed over the walls of his limitations... S-Super Saiyan...!?" Freeza says something, and then charges at Gokuu, but Gokuu just kicks him in the face and sends him flying. Freeza catches himself and lands, then laughs. He points his finger at Gokuu to do that finger blast again, and the others move and tell Gokuu to do the same. Freeza shoots a whole bunch of little blasts, but Gokuu stands still and just swats them all away. Freeza can't believe this, and Vegeta starts to laugh, and then says that he is definitely the thing Freeza fears the most, a Super Saiyan. Freeza's eyes widen. "That's right! The legendary strongest warrior in all the universe, a Super Saiyan... Fufufu...Freeza...it's all over for you... Serves you right...!!" And then Freeza shoots Vegeta through the chest and says, "Shouldn't you know that I don't like stupid jokes?"








  1. Incomplete
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