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Chapter 310

Saguri Ai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #8
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


Freeza says he (Gokuu) is the first, aside from his parents, to ever damage his pride. Freeza also thinks this is the first time since birth he's been this excited, and wonders how he should "cook" Gokuu (seriously!). Gokuu is worried about how he wasn't even a bit effected by the attack, as Freeza starts to telekinetically move some rocks around and send them towards Gokuu. Gokuu avoids/breaks them all, and gets pissed about this Chounouryoku. Then Freeza suddenly appears above Gokuu and traps him in some big bubble thing, and sends the bubble thing crashing down into an island. When the smoke clears, the island is gone.

KURIRIN: What a guy...
PICCOLO: That damn Freeza's playing around... He has the power to destroy this planet if he were so inclined...
GOHAN: W-what about Father...
PICCOLO: Don't get worried for nothing... That jerk's not being serious either...
PICCOLO: Look behind you...

Gokuu is standing behind them, and thinks that was kinda close. Then he flies back over and surprises Freeza and says, "Hey, don't bust up other people's planets." Kuririn wonders how Gokuu did that, and Piccolo explains that he escaped the paralysis with super speed in the instant of the explosion. Gohan can't believe that, as Piccolo gets pissed and thinks they're both freaks. Freeza tells Gokuu he's persistent, and that this has been just warming up. Gokuu says "me too". Meanwhile, Chichi wonders something about Gohan-chan doing his homework everyday, and worries something about him goofing off with Gokuu-sa. Gyuumaou thinks they should be on their way home about now.








  1. Incomplete
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