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Chapter 309

Ryousha Yuzurazu!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #7
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


On Kaiou-sama's planet, Yamcha asks about what's going on on Planet Nameck. Kaiou-sama says Vegeta has just died, killed by Freeza, and Yamcha can't believe it. Tenshinhan asks about Son Gokuu, and Kaiou-sama tells him he's just started fighting. Yamcha starts to get pissed, but Kaiou-sama thinks it'll be a good match. He says those Saiyans are mysterious fellows, or maybe it's just Gokuu. He continues that Gokuu's strength has no limits, and he seems to be a completely different person from when he was training here. Meanwhile, Freeza and Gokuu are staring each other down. Freeza says he's stronger than he thought, and he's a bit surprised there was someone stronger than Captain Ginyuu on this planet. But Freeza doesn't care, and Gokuu says he doesn't understand. Freeza understands, and then suddenly causes the random mountain thing Gokuu is standing on to explode with a kiai.

Gokuu appears above Freeza (who had been mid-air), and announces his counter. He suddenly sends Freeza down towards the water with his own kiai, but notices there's no splash, so he realizes Freeza escaped his kiaihou. Freeza reappears behind Gokuu, and kicks Gokuu down into the water. Freeza wants him to hurry up and resurface, but Gokuu stands underwater thinking. "That bastard also has ridiculous speed... Sooooooo, what do I do... It seems he can't seek his opponent's location by just their ki like we can... He's always searching with his eyes... Alright! I'll use that..." Kuririn wonders why Gokuu still hasn't come up, but Gohan thinks it's alright, since his ki hasn't decreased at all.

Gokuu shoots out two little Kamehameha balls, and then maneuvers one to shoot up outta the water towards Freeza. Freeza notices it's not him and dodges it, then dodges the second one, as Gokuu flies down towards Freeza with a kick, sending Freeza crashing down into an island. Gokuu thinks it was a big success, but then Freeza gets out of the rubble, and cracks his neck. Gokuu says, "Huuuh... That didn't effect him at all..."








  1. Incomplete
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