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Chapter 312

Kaibutsu Furiiza

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


Freeza says Gokuu is strong, but he's getting tired of this fight. Before he ends it though, he wants to ask Gokuu if he'll work under him. He thinks it would be a waste to destroy such strength, greater than Captain Ginyuu. Gokuu asks Freeza if he really thinks he'd take such an offer, and Freeza had thought not, Saiyans are all stupid. And he, as the last remaining Saiyan, must die. Gokuu says it won't be that easy. Freeza thinks he's pretty self-confident, and then says he's realized that while Gokuu's fighting seriously now, he still has quite a bit of power left over. Though Freeza figures that if he used 50%, or half, of his max power, he could turn Gokuu into space dust. Gokuu thinks he must be exaggerating. Freeza says this was fun, and it's been a really long time since he's had this much exercise.

Piccolo says they're both looking for the time to attack, and goes on about how both Gokuu and Freeza have long since surpassed their (Piccolo and everyone's) comprehension. Freeza and Gokuu stare each other down, and Gokuu suddenly realizes Freeza isn't bluffing. Freeza then charges at Gokuu and elbows him in the face. Just as Gokuu regains his footing, Freeza sweepkicks him, grabs Gokuu's neck with his tail, elbows Gokuu in the stomach, and drops him. Gokuu clutches his stomach, and then tries to kick at Freeza, but Freeza jumps away. Gokuu charges after him, and Freeza kicks Gokuu in the face, sending him flying. When Gokuu finally gets back on his feet, Freeza notes that he (Gokuu)'s finally starting to breathe hard, though it's amazing he hasn't died yet.

Piccolo thinks the difference in their hidden strengths is too great. And Kaiou-sama thinks it's all over, Freeza's too strong. Yamcha asks if Gokuu is wearing heavy dougi, but Kaiou-sama says he's just been wearing regular stuff the whole time. Freeza punches Gokuu in the face, as Tenshinhan says there's nothing to worry about, Gokuu will win. He figures Gokuu must've forgotten about Kaiouken, and Gokuu as he is now could probably do 10x Kaiouken, and Yamcha agrees. But Kaiou-sama says, "Unfortunately... He's using 10x Kaiouken right now..."








  1. Incomplete
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