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Chapter 313

Nijuubai Kaiouken no Kake

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #11
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 26
Kanzenban: 21


Freeza elbows Gokuu in the face, sending Gokuu flying. Freeza flies after him, but Gokuu catches himself mid-air, and flies over to a random mountain thing. Freeza notices this, stops, charges up his index and middle fingers, and then swipes his hand down. This somehow cuts straight through the random mountain thing Gokuu is standing atop, as well as some of the ground, and Gokuu can't believe it. Freeza says it's like he said, he could destroy this whole planet if he wanted to; after all, he WAS the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta. Gokuu is worried that he can't win. Kuririn notes that he sliced through the planet, but figures Gokuu must be thinking up something. Piccolo says he isn't thinking of anything, it's just that Freeza's true strength is much greater than they, or Gokuu, thought. Freeza then says something about how he can't control his anger.

Tenshinhan is shocked to hear that Son is already using 10x Kaiouken, and thinks he's done for. Kaiou-sama says that furthermore, Freeza isn't even using half of his true strength, and thinks of how he said "hands off Freeza no matter what", and now it's all over. Meanwhile, Gokuu is contemplating using 20x Kaiouken. On one hand, his body probably can't handle it, but on the other hand, if Freeza really is only at 50%, then he's completely at a loss anyway. But then he decides he has no choice but to risk it, and hopes Freeza was bluffing. Then Gokuu flares up, surprising Freeza, and he flies in and punches Freeza in the face, sending him flying. Then he flies after Freeza. "Ka...me..." Gokuu catches up to Freeza and punches at him, but Freeza dodges "...ha..." and gets up into the air. "...me...haaaa!!!!!" It's a huge one, and Freeza just puts his hand out to stop it. It just kind of, uh, envelops around Freeza. When everything clears, Gokuu is panting, and Freeza isn't dead, just tore up. Gokuu says, "T-That asshole...!!!!"








  1. Incomplete
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