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Chapter 314

孫悟空 最後の決断
Son Gokuu Saigo no Ketsudan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #12
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 27
Kanzenban: 21


Gokuu can't believe Freeza wasn't affected, and thinks he really must only be using half of his power. Blooma, meanwhile, wonders about the ground shaking, thinking it could be the sound of Gohan-kun and everyone getting destroyed. Then she wonders if Son-kun has arrived yet, and hopes he gets here soon to beat up Freeza. Back at the battlefield, Kuririn can't believe Gokuu's tremendous Kamehameha barely damaged Freeza at all. Gohan says Father's ki is decreasing, and Piccolo says it's all over, remembering what Kaiou said about "hands off Freeza". Freeza looks down at Gokuu, and thinks that was a close call just now. Freeza looks at himself, scratched up, and gets pissed and touches down near Gokuu. Gokuu pants, as Freeza says, "That hurt... it hurt!!!!!" Freeza flies forward, headbutting Gokuu and sending him flying.

Freeza walks over to Gokuu and kicks him up into the air, then flies up and knocks Gokuu back into the ground. Then Freeza walks over towards him and asks what happened to that strength of his, wondering if he's used up all of his power. Gokuu thinks to himself that his power has completely run out, and 20x Kaiouken was futile after all. Freeza swipes his hand, creating a huge fissure between he and Gokuu. Gohan says he can't take this anymore, but Piccolo tells him Gokuu is planning something. Freeza gets a surprised look on his face, as Gokuu puts his hands into the air. Kuririn knows that's a Genkidama, explaining to Piccolo how it's something he learned from Kaiou-sama, an attack that gathers genki from all living things to create an energy ball. Piccolo says that damned Kaiou never told him and the others anything about any Genkidama. Gohan says there's not much life on this planet, but Kuririn says there's not much other choice. Gokuu wishes for not just Nameck, but all the nearby planets to lend him some genki. Freeza wonders what he's doing, as Gohan and Kuririn notice the huge Genkidama forming in the sky.








  1. Incomplete
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