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Chapter 323

Futatsu no Negai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #21·22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 27
Kanzenban: 22


Freeza is surrounded in some kind of barrier, and he takes the Kamehameha head on. Gokuu puts more into it, but barriered-Freeza gets out of the Kamehameha's path and comes down and hits Gokuu from the side. Gokuu goes way down, crashing into some underwater random mountain things. Elsewhere on Nameck, the Nameckians begin coming back to life. But they notice the ground trembling, and the darkened sky, and wonder what's going on. Freeza then celebrates his successful attack, and then wonders if the sky has changed because the planet is about to explode. Shenlong tells Popo it worked, and then bids farewell. Kaiou-sama is excited over this, and realizes Eldest and the Nameck Shenlong must be alive if the sky is dark.

Sure enough, Eldest wonders why he's alive, and Porunga is alive as well. But Kaiou-sama needs to hurry and contact him. "Eldest of Planet Nameck, do you hear me? I am the Kaiou of the North Galaxy. I need you to listen well to what I have to say." Freeza continues wondering about the planet, until he notices Gokuu rising from the water. He screams that he'll do just like he did that Earthling. Gokuu then screams back asking if he means Kuririn. And Kaiou-sama has informed Eldest of everything, and they decide they'll contact the nearest person to make the wish. But then someone interrupts and says to change the wish -- Gokuu. Gokuu says to change it to "everyone except me and Freeza". Kaiou-sama says he knows how he feels, but... Gokuu says he'll hate him (Kaiou-sama) forever if he can't finish this fight.

The nearest person is Dende, and Eldest asks him to hurry and make a wish, he'll explain later. Kaiou-sama reluctantly agrees to Gokuu's wish. As Dende flies, Eldest tells him the third wish is, "move everyone, except Freeza and the Saiyan called Son Gokuu, to Earth". Gohan and Blooma are flying along, and wonder about the sky. And Vegeta wonders how he's alive again. Then Dende reaches Porunga, who's getting impatient about the last wish, and Dende starts to ask it. Kaiou-sama tells Gokuu to come back alive, as Freeza notices Porunga is alive.








  1. Incomplete
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