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Chapter 322

Ryousha Saigo no Daikessen!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #20
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 27
Kanzenban: 22


Camping out in a jungle eating, Yajirobe wonders what that Son bastard is up to right now. Back at the battlefield, Freeza says this planet's lifespan should be up in about 2-3 minutes, and asks the Super Saiyan if he's getting impatient. Gokuu says nothing, and Freeza realizes he must be buying time for the brats to escape. But he'll just make his next target Earth. Gokuu says that isn't it, he's just waiting for Freeza to die. But Freeza gets pissed and says, "Your big mouth stops here!!!! I'll shut you up right now!!!!" Gokuu thinks to himself that Gohan and them are still here, and wants them to hurry. And then Freeza charges at Gokuu, but then stops and appears above Gokuu, and hits Gokuu with a shockwave or something.

Freeza tries to hit Gokuu from behind, but Gokuu grabs his arm, and headbutts Freeza. Then he bends Freeza's arm some, and then starts to swing him around in circles, and finally lets go and Freeza goes flying. Freeza finally stops himself way up in the air. Gokuu prepares to shoot a Kamehameha up at Freeza, as Freeza begins powering up. Freeza dives down, as Gokuu fires. Meanwhile, "Now, speak thy wish. Any wish, but only one, and I shall grant it." Popo asks to return to life those killed by Freeza and his men, and asks if he can make a wish on a distant planet. "I don't know, but I shall try." Popo asks Shenlong to please try his best. Gokuu screams "Go to hell, Freeza!!!!!" as his Kamehameha nears Freeza.








  1. Incomplete
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