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Chapter 325

Mikiri o Tsuketa Son Gokuu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #24
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 27
Kanzenban: 22


Nameck is approaching destruction, and Gokuu ducks a punch from Freeza, then knocks Freeza right in the stomach. Freeza coughs, then strikes Gokuu, and sends him flying with a kick. Gokuu catches himself and kicks off of a random mountain thing, however, and flies back towards Freeza with a kick. But he flies right past Freeza, so instead he hits Freeza with a back kick, and Freeza scrapes across the ground. Freeza starts to get up, but Gokuu hits him a few more times, and Freeza scrapes across the ground again. Freeza starts panting, and then Gokuu says this is over. Freeza asks what he means, and Gokuu explains that at 100% power, his ki is rapidly decreasing. So Gokuu thinks it's pointless to fight any further. And he figures Freeza's pride has been damaged enough, the fact that he's been surpassed, and by a Saiyan, no less.

Gokuu says he's going home to Earth now, and then powers down and his hair turns black again. "Don't do anymore evil. I don't wanna see your face anymore." Gokuu starts to fly away, but Freeza gets pissed and throws a Kienzan-type thing at Gokuu. Gokuu mostly moves aside, but it manages to graze his cheek. Gokuu thinks Freeza's stupid, and then turns back Super Saiyan. Freeza directs his Kienzan so that it chases Gokuu through the air, and laughs that it can follow him anywhere, and cut through anything. Gokuu says he's misjudged Freeza if this is his final technique, and then flies towards Freeza with the Kienzan chasing him. Freeza figures he's intending to bring it back so it targets him (Freeza), and says that's a dumb plan.








  1. Incomplete
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