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Chapter 326

Munashii Ketchaku

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 28
Kanzenban: 22


Gokuu continues towards Freeza, but then darts straight up. Freeza sends the Kienzan thing after him, and it seems to hit...but only an afterimage. The real Gokuu is behind Freeza. Freeza calls his disc back, as Gokuu tells Freeza that's a pathetic technique and he needs to refine his abilities. Freeza gets pissed, and says "how about two!!!!!", making a second disc in the other hand. Gokuu flies away, and they both chase him. Gokuu flies towards Freeza again, and Freeza says he's using the same pattern. But Gokuu shoots a little blast that creates a big cloud of smoke, and Freeza just barely manages to jump over one of the discs. But then Gokuu elbows Freeza back down to the ground. Freeza starts to stand up, and the other disc is just behind him. Gokuu yells not to stand up, get down. But too late, the disc slices straight through Freeza's tail, stomach, and left arm. Now Freeza is in pieces.

Gokuu mentions this being a "get what you deserve" type of thing, and a pitiful ending for him. Gokuu starts to walk away and says he's going back to Earth, and Freeza can stay here and share the fate of the planet he destroyed. "I...beg of you...help me...please help me..." Gokuu turns around and asks how many of the people he killed begged for their lives. "I...beg of you..." And then Gokuu gives Freeza a little bit of his ki, enough to move again, and tells him to make use of it.








  1. Incomplete
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