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Chapter 328

Namekkusei no Kiyu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #27
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 28
Kanzenban: 22


Kaiou-sama explains to Yamcha and everyone that Freeza is dead. Son Gokuu gave him some of his own ki, but he used it to attack, so Son Gokuu reluctantly finished him off. Yamcha gets excited, and Tenshinhan figures Gokuu's the strongest in the universe now. But Kaiou-sama says only the strongest for a moment, because Planet Nameck is about to explode, Gokuu has no time to reach his own ship, and Freeza's nearby ship is broken. But Yamcha says this is Gokuu, he can get through any pinch, especially now as a Super Saiyan.

Gokuu reaches Freeza's ship, and then runs through it until he gets to the control room. "Alright, great. This is almost the same as the ship I came here in!! This one!!" He presses the button, but nothing really happens. "C'mon, move!!! Please move!!! Move, damnit!!!" But then the ship starts sinking into the ground, so Gokuu gets out and heads into the air again. Kaiou-sama tells everyone that Freeza's spaceship wouldn't fly at all. Gokuu says it's exploding, and then screams, "SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!" Kaiou-sama can't watch anymore, and Yamcha tells Gokuu not to die. And...BOOM. Planet Nameck is gone. Kaiou-sama solemnly says it was hopeless after all. He thinks it will be hard to tell Gokuu's son, but Yamcha asks to please be allowed to speak.

Yamcha puts his hand on Kaiou-sama's shoulder, and then begins speaking to Blooma. He explains that he's speaking to her heart through Kaiou-sama. Blooma asks if he's healthy, and Yamcha says he's as healthy as can be, for a dead person. But he needs her to listen, it's about Gokuu. Gokuu defeated Freeza... Blooma interrupts and tells everyone else there, and Vegeta can't believe Cacarrot defeated Freeza. But that's not all, Yamcha says. He didn't make it off Planet Nameck before it exploded, and he has died. Blooma loudly says it's a shock that Son-kun died when the planet exploded. Gohan hears that Father didn't escape, and Yamcha yells at her about being so blunt like that and not thinking of Gohan.

Blooma tells Yamcha he doesn't know anything. Planet Nameck's Dragon Balls came to Earth along with its people, and those Dragon Balls can return people to life multiple times. So, Son-kun and Kuririn-kun and Chaozu-kun can all be returned to life. But Kaiou-sama says she's the one who doesn't know anything. Chaozu is here, so he can come back to life, but Gokuu and Kuririn would return on Planet Nameck. But, Planet Nameck is no more, so they'd come back in space, and just die again right away. Kaiou-sama can't do anything about that, either, because Nameck is out of his domain. Blooma is shocked, and there's a big picture of smiling Gokuu.








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