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Chapter 327

Subete no Owari

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #26
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 28
Kanzenban: 22


Eldest says how everyone has been returned to life and brought to Earth, but someone (the elder of the village where Dende was from) says he doesn't see anyone from Elder Tsuuno's village. Vegeta figures that was the village he annihilated, and the wish was only for those killed by "freeza and his men", and Vegeta isn't among them. Some Nameckians get pissed at him, until everyone notices a bunch of huge stones falling to the ground. Eldest says the Dragon Balls have followed them to Earth, and his life is almost up again. He names Muuri, the elder from Dende's village, the new Eldest, and says to use the Dragon Balls when they regain their radiance. "That is my request... Eternal peace for the Nameckians..." Eldest then suddenly disappears. Piccolo says now he should have a peaceful rest, and Dende realizes talking like that, he must have united with Nail-san.

Blooma asks where Son-kun and Kuririn-kun are, so Gohan explains that Kuririn-san was killed by Freeza, and Father stayed behind to fight, but he should be coming back. Piccolo wonders about him staying behind to fight Freeza, and Gohan says it was his own choice, on Kuririn-san's behalf. Blooma asks why Kuririn-kun wasn't returned to life with everyone else, so Gohan explains that someone can't be brought back twice. Dende is surprised to hear that's how the Earth Dragon Balls are. The Nameck Dragon Balls can revive a person any number of times aside from natural death. Gohan gets excited that they can use Dende's people's Dragon Balls to return Kuririn-san and Chaozu-san to life.

But Piccolo gets pissed at Son Gokuu's stupidity, and that he has zero chance of winning. But Gohan says Father definitely can win. He saw him become a Super Saiyan. Vegeta overhears this and freaks out. Back on the battlefield, Freeza can't believe he gave him energy. Gokuu says he can survive in space, right, so hurry up and escape and be thankful for life. Then Freeza says the planet's about to explode, and there's nothing left for Gokuu but death. Gokuu figures there's no time to reach his own spaceship, so he'll take Freeza's. So Freeza laughs and says Vegeta busted that ship up, and wonders if it can fly. "It's ironic, huh. You, who won the fight, will die, while I will survive!!!" But Gokuu intends to live, and flies off. But then Freeza screams, "You're supposed to get killed by me!!!!!" and fires a blast up at Gokuu. Gokuu turns around, and screams, "You stupid ass!!!!!" and fires a bigger blast back down at Freeza, blowing him away. Then Gokuu zooms off.








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