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Chapter 340

Son Gokuu Tai Reddo Ribon Gun no Urami

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #40
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 23


Gokuu and everyone are flying through the air, and Kuririn asks Yamcha-san what he meant about their power getting absorbed. "What happened, I don't know, but just by grabbing me, my power rapidly turned to nothing." Blooma thinks Doctor Gero must've invented something amazing. Gohan says he has to hurry and explain, and flies off. Kuririn starts to follow, to bring them the Senzu. Yamcha says they don't understand, and also follows, knowing that he can't do anything but watch. Then Blooma looks at Yajirobe.

BLOOMA: Hey, aren't you going?
YAJIROBE: Of course not!
BLOOMA: Not going...I've heard you're also really strong. A time like this, this is a time when more than one person is important, a great pinch for your friends and the Earth...!
YAJIROBE: I guess...
BLOOMA: What do you mean you guess!! Don't you feel anything!! You're the worst!!!
YAJIROBE: I can't fly.

Twenty tells Gokuu this is far enough, and thinks this place is good. The Jinzouningen land there, in a rocky desert place with lots of random mountain things, and the three good guys land as well. Piccolo thinks he chose this place to possibly hide behind the rocks. Gokuu, panting, says to explain how they know about them now. Twenty says okay, but thinks they might regret hearing it. Tenshinhan wonders why Son's so out of breath, all he did was fly. Then Twenty starts to explain. "Son Gokuu... We have thoroughly been spying on you. Using super-tiny insect-style robots... During the Tenkaichi Budoukai, during the fights with Piccolo and Vegeta... In other words, ever since you destroyed our Red Ribbon Army, we continued to research you. To defeat Son Gokuu somehow or other... Perhaps some sort of Jinzouningen could win against him..."

Gokuu realizes this was all just for revenge against him. "That's right!! Because of you, the Red Ribbon Army's dreams of taking over the world were ruined, and only Doctor Gero survived." Piccolo says the way he talks, he sounds like HE'S Doctor Gero. "Don't be ridiculous...! I am Doctor Gero's creation, Jinzouningen Twenty. Doctor Gero has died, he is no longer in This World." Gokuu asks if also spyed on the fight on Planet Nameck. "There was no need. By the fight with Vegeta, we had gained complete understanding of your power and techniques. After that, assuming your skills grew any further, we calculated that you wouldn't have any more drastic power ups like before, because of aging..." Gohan, Yamcha, and Kuririn are looking for the others, but they can't find them because they're not fighting yet, and thus haven't raised their ki.

Gokuu tells them they forgot to investigate the most vital point, and that'll be their downfall. Piccolo says they didn't know about Super Saiyan, as Gokuu transforms. Then Yamcha and everyone feel him, and head in that direction. Tenshinhan is surprised at how incredible Gokuu's ki is now. Gokuu tells him and Piccolo not to help, since these dudes' aim is him. "It seems you have achieved a considerable power up. A strange technique... Far greater than our calculations. But, it is nothing for us to get upset about. Of course I am, but even Nineteen is at a level that is enough to defeat you." Gokuu wants to see that strength right away, and then rushes forward.








  1. Incomplete
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