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Chapter 341

どうした 孫悟空
Dou Shita Son Gokuu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #41
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 23


Gokuu rushes forward, and Nineteen puts his hand out, but Gokuu surprises him and vanishes in front of him. Gokuu reappears behind him and elbows him, sending Nineteen flying into some random mountain things. Nineteen gets out of the rubble and flies forward, but Gokuu puts out his hand and catches the top of Nineteen's head, then he kicks Nineteen up into the air. Gokuu heads up into the air after him, and Nineteen dodges a punch. Then Gokuu dodges some of his punches. Nineteen puts his hand out, but Gokuu blocks that, then knees Nineteen in the stomach, and elbows Nineteen in the face. Tenshinhan is amazed, thinking Super Saiyan is dimensions apart from them, and Piccolo somewhat agrees. Gokuu hits Nineteen hard, and Twenty thinks this is really bad, Nineteen's energy will run out before he can take any of Gokuu's power.

Yamcha, Gohan, and Kuririn touch down next to Piccolo and Tenshinhan, and Tenshinhan tells Gohan his dad is doing great. Gokuu hits Nineteen in the face a few times, and Yamcha thinks maybe he was wrong about energy getting absorbed. Gohan isn't all that thrilled though. Piccolo asks him if he's also noticed, and Gohan says yeah. Piccolo says Son Gokuu is for some reason rushing this fight, and already nearing full strength, but even still, his state is... Tenshinhan wonders what he's talking about, and Piccolo says Gokuu's strength as a Super Saiyan should be much greater than this. Gohan tells him about Yamcha-san getting his energy absorbed, and wonders if that could be the reason, and Piccolo asks about this. Yamcha says, "Yeah, he grabbed my face with his hand... Even though I wasn't doing anything, I felt my ki was rapidly being sucked away..."

Gokuu kicks Nineteen and sends him crashing down into the ground, but the smoke clears and Nineteen still gets up. Yamcha is surprised, but Tenshinhan says Jinzouningen don't seem to have pain or fatigue. Gokuu, however, is panting a lot, but still fires a Kamehameha down at Nineteen. Twenty gets excited, and Nineteen holds out his hand to catch the Kamehameha. He absorbs the whole thing into his hand. Yamcha realizes he was right after all, and Piccolo yells up at Son to not fire any kind of ki blasts, because they absorb ki, with their hands. Gokuu is surprised to hear this, panting really hard now. Kuririn wonders if he's had that much ki stolen, but Piccolo says that can't be. Twenty says Nineteen is at maximum power, while Son Gokuu's energy is dropping. And Nineteen rushes forward.








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