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Chapter 342

Gokuu, Yabureru!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #42
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 23


Nineteen flies up at Gokuu, and punches, but Gokuu just barely dodges. Nineteen dodges a punch from Gokuu, then knees Gokuu in the stomach. Gokuu elbows Nineteen in the face, but Nineteen just laughs and whacks Gokuu across the face, then hammers Gokuu down towards the ground. But Gokuu catches himself just before he crashes, and puts his hands in Kamehameha formation. Piccolo yells not to fire, so Gokuu stops and gets pissed, panting really really hard now. Yamcha wonders if he's had so much ki absorbed, but Gohan notices him clutching his heart. Gohan screams that it's the heart disease. Kuririn think it's just his ki getting sucked, and then tosses him a Senzu, as Gokuu wonders what's wrong with his body. Gokuu thanks him and eats it, and Twenty recognizes what Senzu are. Nineteen shoots some eye lasers at Gokuu, causing an explosion, but Gokuu flies outta the way. Nineteen flies next to him though, and punches Gokuu and sends him flying.

Gokuu is still panting, and everyone freaks out that the Senzu was ineffective. Kuririn asks why he didn't drink his medicine, and Gohan says the disease never surfaced, so he never drank the medicine. Nineteen kicks Gokuu, and knocks him back a bit. Then Gokuu detransforms back to normal mode, and Nineteen sits on top of Gokuu and grabs his neck. Piccolo notices his energy is being absorbed now, and he and the others all fly to help him. But Twenty gets in their way. He says he won't let them go one centimeter further than this. Piccolo doesn't care, and kicks at Twenty, but then Twenty blasts Piccolo in the chest with eye lasers, and Piccolo falls to the ground. Twenty says Piccolo was more reckless than brave. Nineteen keeps absorbing away, until someone suddenly kicks him in the face, off of Gokuu. Everyone is shocked, and turns and looks. "Defeating Cacarrot is a privelege that belongs to me. It's not time for you junk dolls to take the stage."








  1. Incomplete
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