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Chapter 344

Urotaeru Jinzouningen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #44
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 23


Twenty can't believe this, as Vegeta walks up to Nineteen. "What's wrong? Did your junk dolls calculations prove wrong?" Nineteen hops back to his feet and flies at Vegeta, but Vegeta ducks it, then kicks Nineteen up into the air. Vegeta flies up after him, blocks a grab from Nineteen, and then punches Nineteen in the face. Nineteen appears to have a nosebleed from the punch, and Vegeta asks if that's blood, or oil? Nineteen shoots some eye lasers at him, but Vegeta dodges and appears behind him, knocking Nineteen down into the ground. Nineteen hits hard, causing a huge crater. Vegeta lands down in the crater, where Nineteen looks passed out. But Nineteen suddenly jolts awake, grabs Vegeta's wrists, and screams that he won't let go until he's absorbed all of Vegeta's energy. Never let go. Vegeta likes the sound of never, and uses his feet to push on Nineteen's face, noting how they absorb energy and add it to their own. Vegeta keeps pushing on Nineteen's face, until Nineteen's hands break off.

Vegeta looks at a broken off hand, noticing a spot on the palm for absorbtion. Then he throws both hands to the ground and says there'll be no more absorbing, and notices Nineteen looking scared. "So even Jinzouningen feel fear..." Nineteen climbs out of the crater and then runs away, and Twenty gets pissed. Vegeta tells Twenty they'll fight after he finishes up this one. Vegeta takes to the air, and then starts powering up and everything. Holding his hand out with the palm facing out, he says, "Take this!! This is Super Vegeta's Big Bang Attack!!!" And he fires a huge ball of ki, that hits Nineteen and causes a tremendous explosion. When the smoke clears, there's nothing left but Nineteen's head. Twenty says, "Clearly our calculations were off... But, all the same, you have absolutely no chance of victory...!" Vegeta just smirks.








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