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Chapter 345

20号 逃げる!
Nijuugou Nigeru!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 24


Vegeta touches down, and detransforms. He turns to Twenty and says he's had a lot of energy absorbed, so now's a good chance to defeat him. Twenty is hesistant, though. Then Vegeta asks what he meant about "absolutely no chance of victory", and Twenty mentions something about Jinzouningen being strong beyond their imagination, and couldn't possibly win. Vegeta thinks he's just a poor loser. Then, Twenty suddenly flies off, into the surrounding random mountain things. Vegeta yells at Kuririn to give him a Senzu. Kuririn hesitates, and Vegeta yells to hurry up before he gets away. Piccolo says to do it, so Kuririn tosses him a Senzu. Then Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan again, and tells them to all go home and drink their milk, and stay out of his way. Then he flies off. Kuririn gets pissed and asks what he means about drinking milk.

Piccolo says Vegeta had really lost a lot of strength, but just to confirm that the Jinzouningen could absorb energy through their palms. He'd've lost if he fought Twenty then, but he acted like it was nothing. Vegeta really is a fighting genius, and he may have surpassed Gokuu. Tenshinhan says in any case, he's going, to confirm if this really will be the end of the Jinzouningen. Kuririn says he's going too, and Gohan. Piccolo says, "I understand... But don't think you can fight. None of you are a match for him. He's in the mountains to hide himself. Since he's a Jinzouningen, you can't seek him out by feeling his ki. If you find him, tell Vegeta or myself... Be discreet!" And so the four of them fly off as well.

Vegeta is standing over a cliff, and he yells at the coward to come out and show himself. But Twenty doesn't move from his hiding spot. Vegeta then decides he'll make him come out, and launches a huge ball of ki down into the rocks. Kuririn yells out that they're here too. Twenty suddenly dashes out and catches the ball, absorbing the whole thing. Vegeta gets pissed and flies down after him, but Twenty quickly gets away. Vegeta gets really pissed that he's so fast, and Twenty is smug about his advantage. However, Twenty thinks for Vegeta to be at this level...he'll have to return to the laboratory. Then Twenty spots Gohan nearby, then beeps and picks up Tenshinhan, then Piccolo, then Kuririn. Twenty thinks that if he collects all of their energy and adds it to his own, he could win against Vegeta!








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