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Chapter 350

Juunanagou · Juuhachigou, Soshite... Juurokugou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #50
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 30
Kanzenban: 24


Piccolo says they're too late, and Vegeta tells him to move, preparing to blast down the door. Trunks objects, saying they should wait for Son Gokuu-san, but Vegeta fires anyway. The door is busted down, and they're all face to face with the Jinzouningen. Vegeta asks if this is really them this time, and Trunks says yes. Twenty says to kill them, these are the ones who killed Nineteen. Seventeen is surprised to hear he made a Nineteen, and has turned himself into one. He figures they're energy absorbtion types, and Twenty confirms as much. Eighteen wonders why he went back to the old energy absorbtion types, perhaps the eternal types' power was too great that they couldn't be handled? Twenty says that's not important, just hurry up and get rid of them. Seventeen says it's time they do what THEY want. Eighteen wanders over to another capsule, "16", and wonders if he's an eternal type as well, although he seems like a different variety, he's bigger. Twenty yells at her not to touch, and Trunks says he didn't know about a Sixteen.

Seventeen tells her to activate him, but Twenty objects, saying the whole world will be destroyed. "Sixteen was expirimental, and a failure!!! You absolutely must not activate him!!!" Eighteen wonders why he's still here if he's a failure, everything up to Fifteen has been disposed of. Twenty says he intended to fix him, but that doesn't matter, don't activate him, otherwise Sixteen'll probably have all their necks. Kuririn wonders if this wouldn't be a good time to run away, so Vegeta says to do what they want, none of them could handle it. Seventeen asks what he means "probably have all our necks", perhaps Sixteen's power is greater than even his (Seventeen's). But he tells Eighteen to activate him anyway, and Twenty yells that they're failures along with Sixteen. Eighteen prepares to open it, and Twenty screams not to press that switch.

Seventeen then puts his arm straight through Twenty's chest, then pulls out and kicks his head off. Twenty's head calls them junk, and so Seventeen steps on the head. Kuririn can't believe he'd kill his creator, but Vegeta says that's nothing strange, he's just killing someone he doesn't like, same as the Saiyans would do. The strange ones are the Earthlings. Seventeen tells her to push the switch, but Trunks says he won't allow this. Trunks suddenly turns Super Saiyan, and then blasts the whole lab. Boom! The whole cave and mountain the lab had been in is gone, but Vegeta says that was pathetic. Seventeen and Eighteen are safe, along with the "16" capsule. Seventeen says to hurry and open it, since the pipe and cord are cut off. Vegeta says that was just a waste of energy. Eighteen opens it, and there is Sixteen.








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