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Chapter 349

Mezameta Juunanagou, Juuhachigou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #49
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 24


Piccolo asks if they're at North City yet, and Tenshinhan says almost. Then they're just outside the city, and Tenshinhan freaks out that there's mountains all over the place here. Piccolo says they'll just have to search though, and give a signal when they find it. Kuririn says he's cold, then asks what kind of signal to give. Piccolo says to just suddenly raise your ki. Kuririn then asks Tenshinhan if he has any money so he can buy a coat, but Tenshinhan doesn't, and says to deal with it, he's cold too. Piccolo thinks that's really inconvenient for Earthlings, and then says they need to hurry up before Seventeen and Eighteen are activated. But first Kuririn wants to give them some Senzu. There's six left, so they each get two.

Vegeta tells Trunks to go away, he's depressing. (Neither of them are Super Saiyan now.) But Trunks says he can't. Vegeta asks what he'll do if they find the laboratory, fight him and destroy the Jinzouningen? Trunks says yes, and no matter how many times he says it, Vegeta has no idea the terror of Seventeen and Eighteen. Vegeta says saying it like that just makes him want to fight them even more, as a pure Saiyan. Twenty sees them above him, still down on the ground, now in a foresty area. He thinks they won't find the laboratory so easily, and then goes a little further until he reaches a cave in a mountain. He hops up to enter, but then starts beeping. Kuririn is right there, but rather hesitant. Twenty thinks Kuririn can't do anything (Kuririn seems to think the same), and proceeds into the cave further. There's a huge steel door, and he opens it with some kind of access code. Twenty tells Kuririn even if he called his friends, they wouldn't make it in time.

Kuririn powers up nonetheless, and Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Vegeta, and Trunks all feel him. Twenty is inside the laboratory now, with the big steal doors closed behind him. He says if possible, he hadn't wanted to activate these two. But as it is now, there's no choice, and they should be fixed. First he goes up to a big capsule thing with "17" on it, then unlocks it and lets Seventeen out, a boy with long black hair and a scarf around his neck indeed. Seventeen notices Twenty holding a controller in his hand, and says "Good morning, Doctor Gero-sama." Twenty is surprised, and thinks that he's fixed him well. Then he opens up the "18" one, and Eighteen, a cute blond girl wearing jeans comes out. She notices the controller too then, and says "Good morning Doctor Gero-sama. I see you've become a Jinzouningen too." Twenty says he'd wanted a eternal life.

"Frankly speaking, this is a relief. For the majority of your functions to work with the eternal energy reactor and tremendous power, there wasn't much control. Previously, you didn't listen to any of my commands. Now, you'll get to work right away. Soon, Son Gokuu's little friends will be here, and you must take them all out, leave no one standing. Alright?" They both agree. They hear banging at the door, which means the good guys are here. Tenshinhan and Kuririn are trying to bust through, but Piccolo says to move so he can destroy it. Twenty chuckles, then Seventeen suddenly snatches the controller from him. Seventeen asks if this is their Emergency Shutdown Controller, and then crushes it. Twenty asks what the hell this is, and Seventeen says he's going to put him to sleep. Piccolo is about to blow open the door, and Vegeta tells him they'd better not destroy the Jinzouningen. They hear Twenty says, "Seventeen!! Stop the stupid jokes and go defeat the enemies on the other side of the door!!!" Kuririn freaks out, realizing the Jinzouningen have already been activated.








  1. Incomplete
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