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Chapter 387

Suupaa Pawaa no Baransu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #38
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 33
Kanzenban: 26


Trunks finishes powering up, and says this is his real power. Cell says, "Indeed. Certainly that's splendid 'power'. Fully greater than my own. But, with that, you could not win against me. Definitely not." Trunks thinks he's just bluffing, and charges at Cell. Up at God's Palace, Piccolo comments on how his ki is incredibly, far greater than Cell's. Blooma asks who, saying if he won't watch quietly by himself, he should explain. He tells her it's Trunks, and she gets excited. In the Room of Spirit and Time, Gohan is a Super Saiyan, with much shorter hair, and he's out practicing in the white stuff. Gokuu, sitting down, looks up at him, a bit surprised. Gohan takes to the air, thinking Father just sits there like that everyday, and he figures it must be really hard to go beyond Super Saiyan.

Gohan lands, detransforms, and catches his breath. Then Gokuu stands up, and turns Super Saiyan. He powers up, until he bulks up to the level Vegeta was at. Gohan is amazed that he's already surpassed Super Saiyan. Gokuu says it's possible to transform to one more stage. He powers up again, getting even more bulky, to Trunks's level. Gohan says he could definitely win against Cell like that. Speaking of Cell, he dodges a punch and a kick from Trunks, then another punch. He keeps dodging all of Trunks's attacks, and then lands. Gokuu says you can't win with this. To swell up this much, your muscles and power get really big, but it kills your speed. It also uses too much energy. For balance, regular Super Saiyan is best. Gokuu says they'll try always being Super Saiyan, except when sleeping, and that'll be the basics of their training. Trunks wonders why he can't hit him. Cell says Trunks is really green, and that transformation just relies on power. Then Cell bulks himself up, saying how easy it is.








  1. Incomplete
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