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Extra Story

TRUNKS THE STORY ―たったひとりの戦士―
Torankusu za Sutoorii -Tatta Hitori no Senshi-

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #36·37
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 33
Kanzenban: 34


"The future..." Trunks, pretty young, is a Super Saiyan, and he's practicing against a grown-up, one-armed Gohan. Gohan says he's doing well, and they break. (Gohan is wearing a blue and orange dougi just like his father's, but with the han kanji on the back.) They both sit down, on a cliff overlooking a city, and Gohan says how Trunks may have surpassed him. Trunks says how his arm will never come back now that all the Senzu are gone, but Gohan says yeah, but what's gone is gone. Trunks says how Mom always says that when he wears that dougi, he looks just like his father Gokuu-san, and surprises her. Gohan says he wears it because he wants to be strong like Father, though it's not that simple.

Then there's an explosion in the city, obviously the Jinzouningen. Gohan gets pissed and turns Super Saiyan, telling Trunks to stay here. Trunks wants to go too, he thinks he's strong enough now. Gohan does the old "look over there" thing, and pops Trunks on the neck when he's turned away, knocking him out. Gohan says, "Should you die, there would be no warriors left to protect the Earth. Years from now, you'll be the last warrior able to defeat those Jinzouningen." Gohan then flies off into the city. Seventeen is blowing up some buildings, but Eighteen tells him to stop, and suggests they go somewhere else. There's a hiding place with lots of humans to the north. Seventeen says if they kill everyone, they'll have no more fun. Eighteen says something about killing people with a car as a game, as she blasts some dude behind her who's trapped under some of the wreckage.

Gohan flies in and kicks Seventeen, knocking him into a pile of rubble. Eighteen laughs at him as he gets up, with his clothes all tattered. Seventeen is pissed, he likes this outfit. It's not as durable as his body, and now he only has four of this outfit left. Seventeen tells Son Gohan well done for getting out alive, it's been about a year now. Gohan says he's trained this time, and now it's their turn to get beaten up. Seventeen doubts that, and says last time he only used half his power. Gohan freaks out, and Seventeen says he won't let him get away this time. Seventeen rushes at Gohan, while Eighteen smirks. Meanwhile, Trunks wakes up, and freaks out that he can't feel Gohan-san's ki. Trunks flies over the city, until he spots Gohan lying dead in the street. He lands next to him, and screams with tears coming out, pounding the pavement in frustration.

"Then about three years later..." Trunks, now older, takes some groceries in, saying hi to his mom. She's busy working on the time machine, and says it's finally able to charge enough energy for a round trip. It takes eight months just to charge it, so they can't test it. It would've come out better if the lab hadn't been destroyed, though. Trunks says now he's probably strong enough to defeat the Jinzouningen. Blooma tells him he's so naive. He certainly has gotten really strong, but she doubts he could be that much greater than Gohan-kun was three years ago. Trunks insists that he's strong enough though, and then there's a radio briefing saying that the Jinzouningen are currently 300 kilometers south of West City. Trunks thinks that's nearby, and then sets off, in spite of his mom's objections. Trunks thinks today he'll get revenge for all the people who've been killed.

"Five days later, in a little hospital outside of West City..." Trunks is lying in a hospital bed, with Blooma in a chair next to him, reading. Trunks says she was right, he's still no match for the Jinzouningen, and thinks he was lucky to get out alive. Blooma says he has strong luck, just like his mother. Trunks says when his wounds heal, he wants to ride in the time machine. Blooma says first they need to get some medicine for Gohan-kun's father, because she thinks that if he hadn't died from the heart disease, the world wouldn't be like this. Trunks asks if he was really that strong. "He was certainly strong, but... No matter what tremendous things happened, somehow or other, he always seems to do something. He would give you such a mysterious feeling." Trunks says he wants to meet his own father too, and Blooma tells him don't get his hopes up. Some time passes, and Trunks is prepared to leave in the time machine. Blooma gives him the medicine, and then he leaves.








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