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Chapter 426

Tenkaichi Budoukai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #28
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 36
Kanzenban: 29


At Capsule Corp, Gohan tells Blooma that he's going to enter the Tenkaichi Budoukai, because one of his classmates is Mister Satan's daughter... Blooma recognizes Mister Satan as the world fighting champion, who got in the way during the battle with Cell. Gohan says she's a very good, but she found out his identity. At the Tenkaichi Budoukai, helmets or protectors are not allowed, so he needs something else. Blooma gives him a bandanna and sunglasses for this. Gohan asks Trunks-kun what he thinks, and Trunks says "No comment..." (in English!). Blooma figures Gohan would easily win, but someone else thinks otherwise. Vegeta insists that if Gohan enters, he'll enter too. He says there used to be a great difference in power between them, but how about now? Gohan has been relaxing in this peace, while he's continued his training. Blooma complains about how Vegeta has no job, and neither did Gokuu, must be a Saiyan thing. Trunks thinks it would be awesome for Father and Gohan-san to fight, and then a very familiar voice says "I'll enter too!!"

Gohan recognizes that as Father's voice. "That's right! Been a while, guys." Gohan asks how he's been, and Gokuu says as well as one can be while dead. He's talking via Kaiou-sama. Gohan asks if he can really come, and Gokuu says yeah. He's asked Uranai Baba to let the one day he can return be the day of the Budoukai. Gohan is very happy, Vegeta thinks it'll be interesting, and Trunks is confused. Blooma tells Gohan-kun to hurry and tell his mom, Goten-kun, Kuririn-kun, and everyone else, the big news. Gohan tells Vegeta-san he should wear a costume like this, to hide his identity, but Vegeta is quite reluctant. Then Gohan leaves to tell the others.

First, Kame House. Kuririn (who now has hair!), is very surprised. Gohan explains that since he stopped fighting, Kuririn-san also stopped shaving his head like a monk. Kamesennin, Eighteen, and a little blonde girl are there, too. Kuririn doubts he could win if Gokuu, Gohan, and Vegeta are all entering, but Gohan says there'll be prizes up to fifth place. Eighteen asks how much. Winner gets 10,000,000 Zenii, second place gets 5,000,000, third gets 3,000,000, fourth gets 2,000,000, fifth gets 1,000,000 Zenii. Kuririn asks not to tell Piccolo, so he can surely get fifth place, but Gohan can't do that. Kuririn asks about Gohan's goofy outfit, but Gohan says he has no fashion sense, insisting it's cool.

Next, God's Palace. Piccolo thinks it should be interesting, and says he'll enter. Dende won't, since he's not a Fighting-Type Nameckian. Piccolo asks about Gohan's strange clothes, too, but Gohan tells him they're cool. Gohan flies off, thinking that he doesn't know where Tenshinhan-san and Chaozu-san are, and Blooma-san will contact Yamcha-san. He figures Mother will be happy to see Father, even if only for one day, and this will be Goten's first time seeing him. But he doubts Mother will even let him enter. He'd have to take time off from school to train... But that night at dinner, Chichi gets so excited to hear about Gokuu-sa returning, and worries that she's aged so much. Gohan says he wants to enter, too, talking about the prize money. Chichi then insists he participate, because he and Gokuu-sa could get first and second for 15,000,000 Zenii. She doesn't even care if he takes time off from school for training. Chichi thinks this is a blessing from the heavens, as very little is left of her dad's fortune. Gohan asks Goten to help him train tomorrow, and Goten says okay. So, the next day, Gohan turns Super Saiyan to start things off.








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