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Chapter 427

Tokkun Kaishi!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 36
Kanzenban: 29


Gohan says he needs to get his reflexes back up to speed as he piles some little stones together. He tells Goten to throw the stones at Niichan from this line, and Goten agrees, as Gohan positions himself. Goten thinks this is awfully close, but Gohan insists that the shorter the distance, the better. Goten thinks he'll get hurt, but Gohan insists it's okay, throw it hard. Goten throws it, VERY hard, and Gohan just barely dodges it. The stone goes crashing through the random mountain thing behind Gohan. Goten thinks that was awesome, Niichan did great, while Gohan is speechless. Goten prepares to throw more, but Gohan tells him to hold up, as he makes a new line farther back. Now Goten throws more stones, and Gohan dodges them with ease.

Goten stops and asks if he can be like Niichan, but Gohan doesn't understand. The 'Super Saiyan' thing. Gohan laughs and says that requires lots and lots of training, plus anger and stuff... Goten then turns Super Saiyan, and Gohan facefaults. Gohan asks how long he's been able to do that, but Goten forgot. Gohan can't believe this, after all the trouble he and their late Father went through to become Super Saiyan. Gohan says they could spar now, and asks Goten if he knows about that. "Yep! While Niichan was studying, Mother taught me." He says she saw him turn Super Saiyan once, and got mad because it was bad. Goten then comes at Gohan with a kick, punch, and a lot more hits, all of which Gohan blocks. Gohan ends up in the air, while Goten stays on the ground, because he can't fly. Gohan thinks it's weird that he's become a Super Saiyan already without being able to fly.

A plane then flies by, and a very familiar plane at that. Videl's. Gohan realizes he has another person to teach to fly, now. He lands and tells Goten not to show off his strength too much to this girl from his school, especially not Super Saiyan. The two of them detransform, and run back to the house through the woods, with Goten saying how awesome Niichan was dodging the stones. Gohan says Goten has amazing fighting talent, and if he trains, he can maybe enter the Tenkaichi Budoukai as well. Goten says Trunks-kun is stronger though, when they play fight. Gohan worries the chibis will pass him up. At the house, Chichi thinks Videl has come looking for a date, as Gohan and Goten arrive. Videl says she looked him up to find his address. She asks about his absence from school, since he was supposed to teach her to fly. Gohan says he will, and explains the situation to his mother, how he learned of the Budoukai through Videl-san, and promised to teach her Bukuujutsu. Chichi tells her not to do anything etchi to Gohan-chan as thanks (!!!), and Videl grits her teeth and says she doesn't intend to. Gohan nervously says he'd just wanted to train quietly...








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