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Chapter 438

Taisen Aite Ketteisu!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #41
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


Those who passed the preliminaries: Son Gokuu, Vegeta, Ma Junior, Kuririn, Eighteen, Great Saiyaman, Videl, Mister Satan, Shin (the little punker guy), Kibito (the tall solemn guy), Punter (a big fat man), Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten), Killa (thug-looking guy), Jewell (pretty boy with long hair), Yamu (bald angry man with an M on his forehead), Spopovitch (bigger bald angry man with an M on his forehead).

Piccolo doubts those two were from Earth, but wonders why aliens would be here. Videl asks about this alien business, and Gohan whispers to her that Piccolo's a bit strange, and she believes him because of his complexion. Kuririn wants the drawing to hurry and start. They arrive at the place just in time for the drawings. Kuririn prays to God that he doesn't fight any of his friends in the first round, and Piccolo says God is Dende. Gokuu looks around, and doesn't think anyone but the pair from before look great. He wonders about the two M guys, and thinks Mighty Mask looks really weird.

Announcer says he'll call them all in [Japanese] alphabetical order. Killa gets #14. Kibito gets #7. Kuririn gets #1. Great Saiyaman gets #8, against Kibito. Eighteen gets #9. Shin gets #3. Trunks asks Goten if they know their masked guy's name, but he doesn't. Spopovitch gets called up, but doesn't respond, so Trunks and Goten think that may be their name, and run up. Announcer tells them they're Mighty Mask, as the real Spopovitch comes up and draws #6. Jewell gets #16. Son Gokuu gets #11. Videl asks about Papa, and Announcer explains that he's resting, and he'll draw in his place. Videl gets #5, against Spopovitch. Gokuu just now learns that she's Mister Satan's daughter, and Kuririn asks Gohan when they're getting married. Punter gets #2, and Kuririn is relieved to fight him. Vegeta gets #12, against Gokuu. Vegeta has been waiting a long time for this day. Trunks and Goten argue about whose father will win, as they get called up and draw #13, against Killa. Ma Junior gets #4, against Shin. Announcer then draws for Mister Satan, getting #10, against Eighteen. Finally, Yamu gets #15, against Jewell. The Match-Ups!

Announcer leads them all to the waiting room, going over the rules again. There is also a time limit now of thirty minutes per match, because of the amount of matches. Punter says he'll only need ten seconds to beat Kuririn. Announcer then goes out and announces the start of the Tenkaichi Budoukai. An attendant tells Satan (who is still recovering) that he'll be in the fifth match, and his opponent is an unknown yet beautiful girl. Satan sits up excitedly.








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