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Chapter 439

Kuririn Soshite Pikkoro no Tatakai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #42
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


Announcer reads off the results for those who can't see, with Yamcha noting that Gokuu will be fighting Vegeta. And now they'll begin the first match right away, Kuririn vs Punter. Announcer explains that Kuririn-senshu used to compete when he was a kid and did very well, while Punter-senshu had competed at the previous tournament and lost by ringout in the semifinals. The little blonde girl says the man Father's fighting looks really big and strong, but Yamcha assures her that her father is the strongest in the world, of the Earthlings at least. (I beg to differ: Tenshinhan.) Punter says he won't hold back, because the Tenkaichi Budoukai isn't a game. Chibi geezers don't belong here, either. Kuririn sighs and thinks he won't use his full strength against this dumbass.

The match begins, and Punter flips around to show that he's big AND fast, and Kuririn can't run away. He dares Kuririn to punch him, and so Kuririn nonchalantly punches him in the gut, smacks him across the face, and then kicks him out of the ring. Announcer is happy to see such strength again, and calls for the second match, Shin vs Ma Junior. Announcer says this is Shin-senshu's first time, but Ma Junior-senshu had gotten to the finals at an old Budoukai, in an incredible fight that he remembers VERY well. Announcer asks him not to destroy the ring (again). Some people in the crowd recognize Piccolo as one of the people in the way while Mister Satan fought Cell. Vegeta thinks they'll get to see just how great this guy's Battle Power really is.

Piccolo realizes he can't fight this person, and wonders why. "You'll know soon enough. But for now, let's make this a fun game." Piccolo is shocked his thoughts have been read, and then conceeds and leaves the ring. Shin thinks, "I see. He used to be this planet's god... Somehow or other, he's beginning to sense who I am..." Shin gets the victory, and Piccolo tells Gokuu their difference in strength was dimensions apart. Kuririn starts to worry, since they have to fight next round. But now for the third match, Videl vs Spopovitch. The crowd chants for her, and Gohan wishes her good luck. Announcer explains that Videl-senshu is Mister Satan's daughter, as well as a friend of justice who has foiled many criminals for the police. She also won the Kids Division seven years ago at the previous tournament, when she was a little girl. Spopovitch-senshu competed at the last tournament, but now he's come back and changed his image. Shin passes Spopovitch on his way backstage, and gives Spopovitch a dirty look.








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