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Chapter 444

Ubawareta Enerugii

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #47
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


The crowd is getting restless, but Chichi yells at them to shut up, he's obviously gonna do something awesome. Kuririn asks Kaioushin-sama what will happen when Gohan transforms. "I think that the two called Spopovitch and Yamu may attack Son Gohan-san. But as I said before, please don't help him. ...It's okay. I don't think they'll take his life. Their goal is just strong energy." Gohan says he'll turn Super Saiyan, though he doesn't know why. In fact, he'll go further, over the wall of Super Saiyan. Gohan transforms all the way up to that stage, shocking everyone. Even Videl sees this, and wonders. The meter is going off the scale, and Spopovitch says he has tremendous energy. Gohan asks if he wants to fight now, but Kibito can't believe that someone of the lower world could have such incredible power.

Vegeta thinks he's not nearly at the level he was fighting Cell, because he's slacked off on his training in this peace. But Kaioushin-sama says is power is already well beyond imagination, and wonders what would happen if that power "stopped". Sharpner and Erasa realize Gohan is the Golden Warrior. Some other people remember seeing guys like that when Mister Satan was fighting Cell. Yamu now has another little device with an M on it, shaped like a turkey baster. The two of them fly into the ring, and Kaioushin-sama throws out his hands, using his power to hold Gohan still. Spopovitch restrains Gohan, as Yamu uses the device to suck away Gohan's energy. Once the device is full, Yamu and Spopovitch fly off, and Gohan collapses.

Kaioushin-sama tells them to still not do anything, Kibito will return Son Gohan-san to normal. "From here, I'm going to follow those two without being noticed. If you like, all of you come with me. It would be very helpful." The crowd is very confused, while Chichi is worried about Gohan-chan. Kuririn asks Gokuu what to do. Gokuu wants to follow, to help out Kaioushin-sama, and to find out what's going on.








  1. Incomplete
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