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Chapter 443

Ugoki Hajimeta Sakusen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #46
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 30


Announcer informs the crowd that Videl's life is not in danger, and starts to announce the fourth match, but Gohan rushes out to ask him to wait a little, they're getting a special medicine for Videl-san. Gokuu then returns, with three Senzu (that's all there was), and Gohan asks Kibito to hold on while he goes off to help Videl. Gohan goes into her room, and asks her to eat this bean. The doctor protests him giving weird food to patients. Videl says that since it's Gohan, something strange will probably happen. Satan says don't listen to him and spit that out, but she chews it up anyway. Gohan has to leave for his match now, and Satan thinks he'll really make that kid suffer. Videl's eyes then widen, and she sits up, fully healed. She stands up, excited, while Satan and the doctor are shocked.

So, the fourth match will soon begin, Great Saiyaman vs Kibito. Erasa and Sharpner recognize that name as Satan City's friend of justice, and the third kid looks through his binoculars and says that looks just like Son Gohan. Sharpners looks through them, and agrees. Erasa figures Gohan's just borrowing that name to compete in secret, because he's shy. Sharpner wonders if he knows how to fight, while the other kid says they should cheer for him, hopeless as it may be. "Fight, Gohan! Even though you can't win, at least pass the first round!!" Gohan realizes he's been completely exposed, and sighs and tosses away his sunglasses.

The match begins, and Gohan is worried about the fuss that will be caused if the kids at school know how strong he is. And this doesn't look like a very easy opponent. Kibito then tells him to turn into that Super Saiyan thing, it could really help them. Gohan wants to know how he knows about Super Saiyan, and what does he mean "help us". Kibito says he'll know soon enough. Gohan is hesistant to transform before this crowd, though. Backstage, Yamu asks about them, and Spopovitch, holding some kind of meter with an M on it, says nope, their energy is low. Piccolo yells out to Gohan, and Gokuu asks Piccolo if something is wrong. He doesn't know, but... Kaioushin-sama interrupts him, and apologizes, but they need to use Gohan-san. And no matter what happens, all of them must stay here. Gohan decides to do it, thinking he'll maybe give up school. Vegeta won't listen to someone he doesn't know, but Piccolo says this is Kaioushin-sama, god of all the Kaious. Gokuu has heard of him, as Gohan starts to transform.








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