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Chapter 450

Suteeji Tsuu no Yakon

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #1
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 30


There is a big diagram of the inside of Babidi's ship. Darbura asks who'll fight on Stage Two. Babidi tells him Yakon, since it seems they can't fool around with these Earthlings. Darbura is worried he'll never get to have any fun if Yakon goes out, but Babidi lectures him that awakening Majin Buu from his long sleep is much more important than fun. Gokuu is getting impatient, while Vegeta contemplates destroying the floor, but Kaioushin-sama insists he mustn't, lest he disturb Majin Buu. Vegeta thinks this Majin Buu is probably nothing special, just like Darbura. Gokuu agrees, thinking Darbura is probably about as strong as Cell was seven years ago. Kaioushin-sama can't believe the power of these Super Saiyans.

Gokuu says to hurry up, and then his opponent finally comes out of the Star Trek door. Yakon is a big froggish monster, with some spikes and claw-like limbs. Yakon wants to know who he'll be eating, and Gokuu says he's his opponent. Kaioushin-sama recognizes the beast Yakon. Yakon punches at Gokuu, with Gokuu just barely jumping out of the way. Yakon then swipes one of his claws, and manages to put a scratch in Gokuu's outer shirt. Apparently he can shoot out these long, scythe-like claws from the back of his forearm. Gohan notes that he's not only huge, but fast too, and reassures Kaioushin-sama that Father can fight alone.

Babidi praises Yakon, and tells him to hurry and finish this and take their energy. To end things quickly, he'll send them to Yakon's beloved world of total darkness, the Dark Planet. Darbura thinks that's unnecessary, but Babidi says he doesn't want the ship to take a great shock, and have Majin Buu be revived at less than full power. So, Papparapa!!! The room is now pitch black, and Gokuu can't see a thing. But Yakon can. Yakon swipes his big scythe claws at Gokuu scissors-style, but Gokuu dodges and then kicks Yakon in the face. Gokuu says he knows his movements even in total darkness, because of the flow of air and stuff. Plus, Gokuu does have a method of seeing him, and so he turns Super Saiyan. Now everything is bright again, and Babidi and Darbura wonder what this is.








  1. Incomplete
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