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Chapter 451

Majuu Yakon no Gochisou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #2
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 30


Babidi wonders what happened, saying his aura is different from before. Darbura thinks he's just glowing. Babidi tells a henchman to go get the strongest energy measuring device there is. Back at the fight, Gokuu informs Yakon that it's futile even in total darkness. Yakon chuckles and says he understands very well. Gokuu wonders why he doesn't seem shocked. The device says Gokuu has a reading of 3000 kili, and Darbura says a race with a 3000 kili reading should not exist. Babidi considers that the device is malfunctioning, but if it's right, Yakon's energy is only 800 kili... Yakon opens his mouth, and then sucks the Super Saiyan off of Gokuu in a big ball of light, and swallows it. Gokuu is normal again, and no one can see anymore.

Everyone wonders what happened, and Kaioushin-sama remembers that the beast Yakon eats light energy. Gokuu-san's Super Saiyan energy must be a great meal for him. Yakon says that was good, he's never eaten light of such delicious volume before. Gohan yells out to Father to not become a Super Saiyan anymore, because he eats light energy. Yakon confirms this, but he would still love to have another serving of the greatest light. Gokuu decides to give it to him, and transforms again. Kaioushin-sama thinks he's really stupid, but Vegeta assures him he has something planned. Yakon starts sucking away his Super Saiyan, and Gokuu has trouble holding his transformation up. Babidi yells at Yakon that he's stupid to be sucking up the energy, instead of inflicting damage so that the energy can be absorbed by Majin Buu. Gokuu powers up to what looks like that level beyond Super Saiyan, with spikier hair and lightning crackling.

Yakon sucks it all up, until he gets too fat and explodes. Gokuu is exhausted now, as the floor panel opens up. Vegeta thinks, "So, that Cacarrot bastard has also climbed over the wall... The Super Saiyan wall..." As they fly down the hole to the next level, Gohan says how Father had such an incredible ki when he defeated the monster. Babidi can't believe Yakon exploded, but Darbura says he was just a fool to eat more light energy than he could handle. Babidi disagrees, because of the way that Yakon swelled up near the end. Babidi thinks those guys aren't normal, and so Darbura volunteers to hald Stage Three personally. Babidi says it's all over if Darbura loses, and wonders if he has a chance of success. "Chance of success? Fufufu... I am Darbura, king of the Demon Realm. No one exists that can stand up to my power."








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