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Chapter 452

Daabura Toujou!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 30


Gokuu wonders if Gohan's trained enough, since his turn is next. Vegeta says, "Unfortunately, it seems as though he hasn't trained greatly because of this peace. Now, it seems that we're the ones with the greater power. Although you never know what would happen if he could go mad and kick some ass." Kaioushin-sama really can't believe their power, nor that he, Kaioushin, is so flustered about them. Darbura comes out through the Star Trek door, and praises them on defeating Yakon and making it to Stage Three. But this is as far as they go. Vegeta thinks Babidi must be getting desperate to send him out. Darbura tells them to come on, but Gohan says it's just his turn to defeat Darbura. Darbura and Babidi get a little pissed at his confidence.

Back at the Tenkaichi Budoukai, Announcer says that most of the competitors have left, and such a thing is unprecedented, so it's being discussed. The officials think that it's been almost an hour now, but they only have five competitors left... In the audience, Kamesennin wonders what's going on, as he feels some large ki gathering far away. Backstage, Satan says everyone left because they were scared of him, and the remaining people are truly brave. Then Satan goes outside, appeals to the crowd and stuff, and then tells the officials he has a great idea. A battle royale, all five of them in the ring fighting. The officials are a bit hesistant, but they eventually agree to Satan's proposal. Announcer then explains the idea to the crowd.

An official tells Satan he's really brave, since the four others will likely gang up on him. Satan begins to worry. Announcer starts to call out the competitors. First, the champion whom they all know, Mister Satan. The only female, Eighteen, with the weird name. Mighty Mask, who lost in the first round of the last tournament. Killa, who made it to the semifinals of the last tournament. And Jewell, who is popular with the ladies, and lost to Mister Satan in the finals of the last tournament. Killa asks Mighty Mask if they could team up against Mister Satan-sama, but Mighty Mask says Eighteen-san is the only one he's worried about. Jewell starts to flirt with Eighteen, but she calls him an eyesore, and says to get lost.

The match is called to begin, and Satan starts to actually brave up. Jewell gets pissed and tries to attack Eighteen, but she calmly kicks him out of the ring. Mighty Mask then punches Killa out. Satan is glad, since these remaining two don't seem like much. Eighteen thinks that Mighty Mask hits awfully hard for someone with such small arms. Trunks reminds Goten that Eighteen-san used to be stronger than their dads. Satan calls the two of them on, but they ignore him.








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