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Chapter 457

Bejiita no Puraido

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 31


Most of the audience starts to run away, as Blooma wonders what's wrong with Vegeta. Babidi laughs that two hundred people are dead. Vegeta tells Cacarrot to fight him, unless he wants to add onto the mountain of corpses. Gokuu asks Vegeta if he didn't let himself fall under Babidi's spell on purpose. Vegeta says nothing, and then blows up another section of the crowd, almost hitting their friends. Gokuu glares at Vegeta, and then becomes Super Saiyan. Kaioushin-sama protests, but Gokuu ignores him. Gokuu asks Vegeta if he let himself become controlled by Babidi so that Gokuu would get serious.

"If I didn't do this, you wouldn't fight me. Things keep getting in the way, even though you're only here for one day, and afterwards you'll be completely gone from This World." Kaioushin-sama says that's a stupid thing to do all of this for. "Stupid thing!? A stupid thing, you say!? To me, that is everything!!! I don't care about this Majin Buu crap!!! Him... He surpassed my strength!! While we're both Saiyans, I was tossed aside!! The prince who took pride in his overwhelming power, me!!! H-he even saved my life!!! I can't forgive him...!!!! At all...!!!!" It gets silent, and then Gokuu yells at Babidi to change their location to one without people, so he can fight Vegeta.

Kaioushin-sama says they'll have to go through him before they can fight, and all gets silent. Gokuu then puts up his hand as if to attack Kaioushin-sama, surprising even Vegeta, and so Kaioushin-sama backs down. Gokuu apologizes, as Babidi dances with glee. Babidi will change the location. Papparapa!!! Now they're out in a rocky desert place, and the floor panel magically follows them to every location. Kaioushin-sama tells Gokuu and Vegeta to fight to their heart's content, while he and Son Gohan-san will bust through this entrance (the floor panel) and fight Babidi and Darbura. The shock of busting in could wake up Majin Buu, but that's better than if he were at full power from absorbing their damage energy. Kaioushin-sama prepares to bust in, and Babidi tries to get Vegeta to kill him. After struggling a bit, Vegeta says, "I refuse. Whatever Kaioushin and Gohan do, it doesn't concern my fight."








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