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Chapter 458

Futatsu no Shitou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #11
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 31


Babidi tries again, but Vegeta still refuses. "Like I said... I want only to fight Cacarrot... I am a pride-filled Saiyan prince... You think you've taken me as your servant...!!! Even if you control my body and mind, my pride alone is not as you thought!!!" Babidi thinks someone so full of pride is a first, but Darbura assures him that Vegeta's only purpose was to take energy. Should Kaioushin make it to them, Darbura will kill him. Kaioushin-sama can't believe that Vegeta was able to defy Babidi like that. Gokuu realizes that Vegeta had wanted to settle the score THAT much. Darbura suggests that Babidi open the door for Kaioushin, so that they won't risk Majin Buu being revived at less than perfect.

They prepare to hop down the hole, but first, Gokuu gives Gohan one of the two remaining Senzu, and tells him to eat it up now. Gokuu also tells him to get angry like he did when fighting Cell, remember that brought out all of his power. If he does that, there's no one he can lose to. Gohan is sorry this all had to happen on his one day here, as he and Kaioushin-sama hop down the hole. The floor panel to the next floor is open as well, and they continue down until they reach the bottom. It's the room with Majin Buu's ball, where Babidi and Darbura also happen to be. Kaioushin-sama and Babidi greet each other, and he tells Gohan-san he'll fight Babidi.

Gokuu and Vegeta stare each other down. Gokuu says he doesn't want his damage to be received by Majin Buu as energy, so he's going to end this at his highest power. Vegeta is curious to see the fruits of his training in That World. Gokuu then powers up to the spikier-haired lightning-aura'd form, and Vegeta says he's stronger than Gohan was "back then". Vegeta then powers up to the same form. Gokuu thinks he needs to end this soon. Vegeta says he'll kill him, as he throws a hard kick that Gokuu barely blocks. Vegeta pulls back, and then throws a punch that Gokuu catches. Gokuu throws his own punch with his free hand, which Vegeta catches with his own free hand. They attempt to knee each other, until Vegeta headbutts Gokuu and knocks him away. Gokuu recovers, and then kicks Vegeta, sending him crashing into the ground. Vegeta comes back from the impact, and the two of them smirk at each other.








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