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Chapter 460

Majin Buu Shutsugen ka!?

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #13
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Steam keeps shooting up from Majin Buu's ball, and Kaioushin-sama tells Gohan they should run away. Gohan says he can't leave things as is, but Kaioushin-sama insists that not even Gohan could win against Majin Buu. Babidi is excited, and Kaioushin-sama yells at Gohan to hurry. But Gohan thinks is he attacks, and then powers up a bit. Then Gohan shoots a Kamehameha at the ball, which Babidi and Darbura just barely avoid. The impact is really strong, and the ball is knocked from its platform. It rolls a little, until it cracks open. But...it's empty. Babidi can't believe it, and Kaioushin-sama thinks this is lucky, and begins lecturing Babidi about how Majin Buu has been sleeping too long. Darbura tells Babidi to cheer up, as he's still there, and he even has Vegeta, sort of.

Kaioushin-sama takes note of the near equal fight between Gokuu-san and Vegeta-san. He'll take down Babidi, and if Gohan can defeat Darbura, all of Babidi's evil ambitions will be gone. Gohan disagrees, however, and says a tremendous ki is swelling up. He looks into the sky, and the smoke from the ball is collecting into one big cloud. Everyone watches in awe, as the smoke begins to take shape. And then: We have a big fat thing with a forelock and beady eyes, wearing a vest, genie-ish pants, and a cape. Majin Buu.








  1. Incomplete
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