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Chapter 461

Koitsu ga Majin Buu!?

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #14
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Buu stands there smiling as everyone watches. Darbura asks if this is really Majin Buu, but Babidi says Kaioushin is the only one who's seen him before. Kaioushin-sama says he'd never forget such a terrifying face (...). Buu continues smiling, and starts stretching. Gohan had thought a majin would be bigger, and Kaioushin-sama says there's no running away now. Gohan thinks Buu certainly has an incredible ki, but it doesn't seem like he'll do anything. Meanwhile, Gokuu and Vegeta are both catching their breath. Vegeta prepares to attack again, but Gokuu tells him to hold up, a huge ki has appeared, probably Majin Buu.

Vegeta stops, and then laughs. He thinks this Majin Buu's Battle Power is not much, just as he thought. He and Cacarrot have become too strong. Vegeta had never thought Kaioushin was that great, either, so something that's terrifying to him is nothing to them. Gokuu doesn't think so, Buu's ki seems abnormal. Vegeta gets pissed and says he won't let him run away from their fight. Meanwhile, Babidi introduces himself to Buu, he's the son of his creator, Bibidi. He's revived him from his ball, and now he's his master. Buu "hmph"s, crosses his arms, and turns away. Babidi scolds him, but Buu ignores him. Then, Buu suddenly looks at Babidi and sticks his tongue out, scaring the hell out of Babidi. Buu laughs about this, and Darbura thinks he's just an idiot.

Babidi thinks Buu came out flawed somehow, with no brains or power. Buu looks at Darbura, and then dances around with his fists in the air. Darbura smirks and thinks he's stupid if he wants to fight. Gohan thinks Buu is flawed, but Kaioushin-sama says he's not flawed at all. Buu has tiny holes in his head, and he starts to shoot steam out from them, making an evil grin now. Buu then gouges Darbura's eyes out, and kicks Darbura into a random mountain thing. Buu then dances, and claps with a happy smile. Babidi is impressed, now.








  1. Incomplete
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