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Chapter 463

Attouteki na Bukimi Pawaa

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #16
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Buu lands on the ground next to the now tattered Kaioushin-sama, and Babidi tells him to kill him. Kaioushin-sama tries using his godly power against Buu again, but Buu resists and does something similar, and knocks Kaioushin-sama back a ways. Buu flies after him, and lands ass first on Kaioushin-sama's back. Babidi taunts Kaioushin-sama, and thinks he'll deliver the finish himself. Gohan suddenly flies in and kicks Buu in the face, making Buu cartwheel off to the side. Gohan's footprint had been left on Buu's face, but his face immediately returns to normal. Gohan can't believe he isn't reacting to the damage at all. Buu says, "You're in the way. Get lost!" Gohan readies a punch, but Buu lets off a huge ball-shaped blast that pushes Gohan way off into the distance. Kaioushin-sama seems to do something, and Gohan is just barely moved a little as the blast explodes.

Kaioushin-sama begs Gohan to stay alive, and Babidi asks him if he did something just now. Gohan lands in a forest, out cold. Babidi tells Buu he can finish off Kaioushin now. Buu says he's hungry, and wants to eat him. Suddenly, a spear flies through Buu's back, piercing through his stomach to the front. It's Darbura. Babidi asks him what he's doing. Trunks and Goten are nearby, and they land on a random mountain thing, detransform from Super Saiyan, and hide their ki. They try to figure out who's who, recognizing Kaioushin-sama as the weird guy from the Budoukai. Then Goten spots something: the stoned Piccolo (sorry). The boys go over to it, and Trunks knocks on it a little. Piccolo tips over and shatters, and the boys run away.

Darbura insists that Majin Buu can't be controlled and wouldn't be a faithful servant, but Babidi is insulted he'd speak that way about his Majin Buu. Buu pulls out the spear, and the little hole it left in his belly quickly heals up. Buu tells Darbura, "I'm gonna eat you up..."








  1. Incomplete
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