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Chapter 462

Majin Buu no Kyoui

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #15
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Babidi compliments Buu as he dances around, and Gohan can't believe Buu's power, how it grew explosively. Meanwhile, Trunks says he felt an awesome ki, and wonders what happened. Goten wonders which way they should go, and Trunks thinks towards the creepy ki, which is probably the majin. So, they zoom off. Gokuu notes that Majin Buu's ki has gotten incredible, and it's their fault he's come out. Vegeta knows, but it doesn't concern their fight. Gokuu tells him everyone will be killed, even Blooma and Trunks. "Shut up... Shut up, shut up!!! I sold my soul to Babidi so that I could get rid of that softness!!! I don't care what happens to anyone!!!" Gokuu knows he hasn't completely sold his soul.

Vegeta hesitates, but then decides to concede. He sees that Gokuu isn't really concentrating on the fight ever since he noticed Majin Buu, anyway. Vegeta then asks for a Senzu. Gokuu thinks they can definitely beat Majin Buu if they all fight together, as he pulls the Senzu pouch out. Vegeta then pounds Gokuu on the back of the neck, knocking him out. Vegeta picks up the Senzu and eats it, and says he was the one who brought out Majin Buu, so he'll be the one to take care of him. He'll finish this fight later, if he's still alive.

Babidi tells Buu to obey him. If he doesn't, well, he's studied Papa's notes, and knows the spell to seal him in the ball. Buu then starts paying more attention, and Babidi says that's better. Gohan suggests that Buu seems very childlike, so he wouldn't be so bad if they defeated Babidi. Kaioushin-sama says without Babidi, there's no way to seal Majin Buu up. He insists that Buu really is a fierce monster in spite of how he looks, and the time will come when Babidi will need to seal him in the ball, so they should wait. Kaioushin-sama had thought that he could defeat Babidi and prevent Buu's revival. Had he known that these mortals held such greater power than he, he could've done it "that way". Gohan wonders what "that way" is, but Kaioushin-sama says it's too late now, they're pretty much dead, can't even run away.

Babidi's first order for Buu is to kill those two, and so Gohan grabs Kaioushin-sama and flies off, saying he's confident in his own speed. But, Buu hesitates, then zooms off in an instant, appearing ahead of them. Babidi smacks Gohan away into a random mountain thing, and then Kaioushin-sama attempts to blow Buu back with some sort of godly telekinetic technique. But Buu is barely affected, and he claps his hands together, smushing Kaioushin-sama's face, then pounds him into the ground. Gohan starts to get up from the rubble, and Babidi is just loving this.








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