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Chapter 465

Ikaru Majin Buu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #18
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Vegeta punches Buu, kicks him, and some more attacks, as Babidi wonders what Buu is doing. Kuririn is impressed, and Trunks is happy for Papa. Piccolo notes that he's also surpassed Super Saiyan, and his power is even greater than Gohan's was when he fought Cell. But then, even Gohan was killed by Majin Buu. Buu heals up all the dents that Vegeta has given him from all the punching and kicking, as Vegeta points his hand out towards Buu. He shoots out a thick ki blast, straight through Buu's stomach. Buu falls to the ground, looking dead, and scaring Babidi. Vegeta smirks, and Trunks gets excited, until Buu gets back up.

Buu heals up the large hole in his stomach, and says that was a little painful. Vegeta thinks he's creepy. Babidi dances for joy. Buu starts to flare up, with a large energy barrier surrounding him, and lots of smoke building up from the effects to the ground. Buu screams that he HATES Vegeta, while all the onlookers start to worry. Buu begins unleashing all of this energy, Babidi quickly casts a barrier on himself, Piccolo and the others attempt to run away, but Vegeta only has time to stand there and shield himself. BOOM. The entire area is blown up, with Vegeta and the downed Kaioushin-sama taking the brunt of it. Afterwards, all that's left is a tremendous crater, with Buu and Babidi floating over it. Piccolo, Kuririn, Trunks, and Goten had managed to get away. Piccolo worries about Kaioushin-sama, while Trunks notices Papa, who is badly damaged now.








  1. Incomplete
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