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Chapter 466

Kuromaku no Saigo

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Vegeta curses the situation, with his left arm now out of commission. Babidi notices Vegeta's still alive, and thinks he might've made a really great servant were he not disobedient. Piccolo thinks that Vegeta can't compete with Buu at all, Gohan is dead, and even Kaioushin-sama is gone. Trunks can't believe Papa would lose, but Piccolo won't reassure him. Buu tells Vegeta, "It's over for you. Bye bye." Vegeta wonders what to do, as Buu rips out a chunk of his stomach, and stretches it out like dough. Vegeta asks what this disgusting bastard is up to. Buu shoots out an explosive mouth blast that Vegeta just barely dodges, and then throws his stomach dough out so that it snakes around Vegeta, tying him all up.

Buu does a happy dance, as Vegeta lies tied up on the ground. Buu kicks him off, and then giggles as Vegeta coughs up blood. Buu then sits on Vegeta and pounds on him. Kuririn says he's getting killed, and wonders where Gokuu or Gohan are, did they already die? Goten says Niichan couldn't die. Trunks is getting really restless, but Piccolo says there's nothing he could do if he went besides die and add to Vegeta's pain. Trunks ignores that, turns Super Saiyan, and flies off. Goten does the same, and Piccolo gets pissed. The boys zoom right past Babidi, leaving him confused. Trunks kicks Buu off of Vegeta, knocking him through some random mountain things, as Goten begins untying Vegeta.

The boys tend to Vegeta, and Babidi can't believe Vegeta still has allies around. Babidi thinks it doesn't matter how many of them are, because Majin Buu is invincible, and he'll kill them all. "Though I can't forgive Majin Buu, the one whom I least can't forgive is you, Babidi." Babidi turns around, and Piccolo is there. "I can't do anything to Majin Buu, but I can kill you." Babidi says if he's killed, no one can ever seal away Majin Buu, and then the entire world will be completely destroyed. Piccolo says the world would get destroyed even if Babidi didn't die, and so Babidi starts to call Buu over here. Piccolo then swipes his arm, and cuts Babidi in half with one clean chop. Babidi keeps talking as his remains fall into the crater, and Piccolo spits down at him. Vegeta says, "Trunks... Take good care of Blooma, no, Mama..." Trunks is confused, and Vegeta smiles.








  1. Incomplete
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