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Chapter 469

Kasuka na Kibou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


Gokuu finally wakes up, and sees that Vegeta took the last Senzu. He realizes he was knocked out so Vegeta could fight Majin Buu alone. He feels Buu's ki, but not Vegeta's. He doesn't feel Gohan's ki, either, and wonders what happened. But he does feel Piccolo and Kuririn, meaning they're no longer stone, and they probably know what's going on. So, Gokuu teleports away. Up at God's Palace, Piccolo says it'll be about an hour before the boys wake up. Kuririn feels bad that Vegeta and Gohan are dead, and who knows what happened to Gokuu. Then he asks Dende if it would be okay to bring his family up here, knowing it's probably wrong to want to save just his friends. Dende asks Piccolo, but Piccolo says to decide for himself. Dende doesn't mind, since the Earth is still around because of them.

Kuririn prepares to leave, but he and Piccolo feel a familiar ki. Kuririn is excited that Gokuu's alive (...). Gokuu wants to know what happened, but first, Dende will heal him. Some time passes, and Gokuu can't believe that Gohan, Kaioushin-sama, and even Vegeta have been killed. Piccolo says Kaioushin-sama was right to fear Buu, and now the whole universe will be in danger. Kuririn thinks that the fact that Gokuu is alive (...) is their happiness amidst the sorrow. He says Gokuu is the only one who can defeat Buu, and asks if he still has more time in This World still.

"To put it blunty, it's impossible. I can't defeat him. The difference in true strength between me and Vegeta was almost nil. Vegeta even gave up his life, but Majin Buu was barely affected, right? Sorry, but, there's no way I could win." Gokuu says he could've done something if at least Gohan or Vegeta were alive, though Piccolo says the amount of people there are doesn't make much difference against Buu. Gokuu didn't mean that, he wanted to use Fusion. Dende knows what that is, it's the special technique of the Metamorians. Gokuu says he learned it from a Metamorian in That World. It's a union technique that only two people of similar power and body size can use. Two people fuse into one, and they can become one incredibly powerful person. Metamorians are weak on their own, but with Fusion, they become one decent warrior.

Piccolo realizes Gokuu could have fused with Gohan or Vegeta if they were alive. Gokuu says he was taught the technique, but he's never actually done it, since there was no one like him in That World. But even so, it took him a week to learn the technique. Piccolo thinks it's futile either way, but Kuririn thinks Gokuu can go back to That World and fuse with dead Gohan or Vegeta. Piccolo bursts his bubble by saying that Gokuu couldn't return to This World even while fused, and Vegeta isn't in That World. Mister Popo then suggests that the two sleeping inside, Goten and Trunks, have near equal power and size. Gokuu thinks that's great, and says he'll teach them Fusion until he has to leave, and then Piccolo should train them afterwards. Piccolo agrees, and Kuririn gets excited.

Piccolo thinks that it will take a long time for the boys to master Fusion, and many lives will be lost to Majin Buu in the meantime. Perhaps everyone will be annihilated, or even the Earth itself destroyed. Gokuu says as long as they're alive and they have the Dragon Balls, they can fix things. Kuririn prepares to leave to fetch everyone, when the sky suddenly turns black. Shenlong. Kuririn figures it's Blooma-san, wondering why she'd gather the Dragon Balls without knowing the circumstances yet. Gokuu realizes they must mean to return to life the people Vegeta killed at the Budoukai. Dende says it'll be a year before they can use the Dragon Balls again if they make three wishes, so Gokuu prepares to teleport away. (Dende must have upgraded Shenlong to make three wishes in the past seven years.)

Outside of Capsule Corporation, everyone is gathered, as Shenlong tells them to speak their wish. Yamcha knows what to say: "Please return to life the people who died today! Oh! Except for the bad people!" Shenlong says it is granted, and wants to know the second wish. Gokuu arrives just then, and realizes he's too late. He telepathically contacts Dende, explaining that one wish has been used up. Dende says if they only use one wish, it will only be a four month wait. Gokuu also tells him to tell Kuririn that he'll bring everyone there, since they're all gathered with him. Gokuu then tells Shenlong they've made enough wishes, and so Shenlong bids them farewell. Yamcha asks Gokuu what's going on. Meanwhile, Babidi is still flying on Buu's back, and he wonders why it suddenly got dark and then bright again. And, Kibito is alive again, and can't believe it.








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