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Chapter 468

Akumu Futatabi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #21·22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 39
Kanzenban: 31


In the capsule plane, Blooma is wondering why Vegeta did what he did. Yamcha tells her to not think like that, for now they'll just use the Dragon Balls to revive all of the dead spectators. Kamesennin thinks Vegeta seemed odd, lots of evil flowing within him. Suddenly there's a lot of turbulence. Kamesennin says there was a great explosion far away, and Blooma feels like it could be related to Vegeta. Speaking of which, Vegeta has now turned to stone, for some reason. He's above a very large crater, and the weather is going nuts. The stone remains of Vegeta then fall into the crater and shatter. Meanwhile, Piccolo tells Kuririn to take the boys home while he checks on things. He also says to tell their families later: he doesn't know about Gokuu, but Vegeta said Gohan was killed by Majin Buu. Kuririn can't believe even Gohan is gone.

Piccolo flies over and lands in the crater, walking around for a bit. He realizes what Vegeta's plan was, to keep Buu from regenerating. Then Piccolo notices Babidi's head, still just barely alive. It looks like Babidi had a barrier up during the explosion, so Piccolo decides to finish him off now. But then, tiny pieces of Buu begin moving, each turning into lots of little Buus. The Buus all fly together to form one big mass, and Piccolo takes this time to fly away. Majin Buu is now whole again, and he starts giggling, until Babidi calls him out. Babidi tells him to heal him, but Buu is hesitant. Babidi asks if he wants to be sealed up, and so Buu heals Babidi by shooting magic from his forelock. Babidi is glad, until he gets angry at the ones who did this to him. The green guy and the two chibi. Instead of destroying this planet, he wants to make those three suffer.

Kuririn can't believe Majin Buu isn't dead, and Vegeta died for nothing. Piccolo says it's dangerous on the Earth, and takes the boys from Kuririn so he can bring them to God's Palace. These two are their only star of hope, albeit a faint hope. Buu is now flying through the air, and Babidi is riding his back, saying they'll turn this planet into a living hell. They'll kill lots of people until those three show themselves. Elsewhere, Kaioushin-sama is alive, weakly walking around, and begging Gohan-san to be alive. Gohan doesn't really look it...








  1. Incomplete
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